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Sunday 20 September 2009

Getting behind.

Ick so I was hoping I would have a picture of a completed pin cushion to show you...I haven't. I started making the ice cream top and noticed my wrist kept clicking whenever I did an ssk (there are a lot of those) and thought I had better put it down for a bit, I started it again last night and got almost through a row when the clicking started again so I think it will have to be done in short bursts.
This doesn't mean i haven't been crafty though :)
Double chocolate chip muffins to be precise! My mum works at a school as a cook and some of the muffin mix was nearing its best before date so she bought it home for me to whip up into delicious chocolaty treats! The mix is very much like packet mix, stick some water in and you're ready to go, they are delicious though and i added both milk and white chocolate chips.
Here's a pretty one with a close up. Yum yum!
I haven't only been stuffing my face with cake though. What happens when you cross left over clay from making stitch markers...

With a big pot of dressmakers pins like this,

You get these!! Dressmakers pins with sparkly pink clay heads, which are going to be polka dotted and glazed like the stitch markers so they all match. I had the idea when after realising that my pins had all had their ends snapped off, it slowly occurred to me that I would have to get new pins. I looked on Etsy and other places for some nice decorative ones but then decided, I have clay and paint, why not make my own! I have done more then this picture suggests, two pins wouldn't do very much, but i do still have half the pack of pins left and lots of clay, they also still need painting because since i haven't finished my pin cushion i have nothing to stick them in! I am super proud though, they have cost me hardly anything per pin and will be really pretty when they are finished.

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