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Wednesday 16 September 2009

Small things.

So, please proceed to tell me off, after saying only yesterday that I MUST finish some of my WIP (works in process) I have started something new... but it is really small! So it should be allowed!

My ice cream cone pin cushion :)
While sewing the other day I noticed that some of my pins weren't pointy any more, and after some detective work I found that my pin cushion was snapping the ends off, so I have made a nice new soft one full of cotton wool.
The cone is green, I don't have any brown wool so it is a pistachio cone, and nice vanilla ice cream.
As you can see from the larger picture then normal I got to use my Knit Pro needles, I have discovered that I am in love with these needles, they really are amazingly cool. Not only are the colours great but they are really smooth to use and have really pointy ends. I have been considering ordering some interchangeable circular ones as I saw some that are acrylic, and I prefer plastic to metal and previous to this wood, now I think I will get a couple of cables and a pair of acrylic AND a pair of wooden ones, just to try. Oh and of course some new pins to replace the broken ones, I am considering being all crafty and giving them decorative ends :)

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