Sunday, 17 October 2010

Georgie ♥'s Hats


Oh yes I do! I finally finished this earlier just in time for horrible wintery weather and I do so love it. It looks great in my own humble opinion (though please ignore the shine on that pic). I think I shall wear it to Uni tomorrow :)


FO report: 
Pattern Name: Hermione Hearts Ron by Christy Aylesworth
Yarn Used: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in 009 - Grey
Needle Size: 2.75mm and 3.25mm 16" circ's and 3.25mm DPN's
Problems: I had to frog and reknit once because I dropped a load of stitches but other then that it was ok.
Modifications: No mods.
Skills Learnt: No new skills learnt, except for where I tried to learn to knit continental and then had to frog it because it went wrong :S
Knit again: Possibly, if I did I would change the way the decreases work because I didn't much like that.
Score: 8/10

Saturday, 2 October 2010

The basket of Dooooooom!

That is the WIP Basket of Dooom Dooom Doooooomy Doom Doom.

I have a basket (I bought it from Hemswell this summer when I went on that button haul) and in it lives all my WIP's. They often do not make it back out!


In there at the moment is the Hermione Hearts Ron hat (red bag) Bon Temps Marina (Blue spotty bag) Anisette lace wrap (green bag) some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino chunky that will be a pair of mittens to accompany my haven scarf and in the Alice bag is some Rowan Alpaca Cotton that I am going to make a teddy bear hat out of. 

That is a lot of projects for someone who has only been knitting a year (I just realised I missed my blogiversary, will have to do something about that!) and I really do have to do something about it. The teddy hat is going to be for a HPKCHC project so that will be sorted soon, and the Hermione hat is on the decreases now so should hopefully be finished this weekend. 

I think I have made the executive decision to frog the Anisette shawl, it is my first project using cracksilk haze and really I need something where I can just purl the wrong side rows as this takes too much concentration. I don't feel too badly about this as I think I have only managed about 15 rows, and there is a HPKCHC class that I can use the yarn in. 

Between now and christmas I hope to show you the contents of this basket diminishing, I would like to only have two WIP's at a time, but we shall see. For now, I will have to get my needles knitting!