Sunday, 11 April 2010

Discovering Alchemy

A nice silver ring, made by me, from silver clay.
More to come soon!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The brightest witch of her age...

I most certainly am not. Hermione, however, must be if she can get this pattern right!

This is my first Hermione's Everyday Sock, which I am knitting out of my Dublin Dye Company Sock yarn.
This sock will be the death of me!
Originally, I had finished this first sock of the pair, only to find out when I had nearly finished it and weighed the amount of yarn left on my new trusty electric scales that I didn't have enough for the second sock, so I have ripped it back to 12 pattern repeats at the ankle, instead of the 18 originally called for, and I am now for some strange reason unable to complete the heel!
I don't know what it is but somehow I just cannot get it to line up properly, so although I love the pattern and it will be a relief to get this yarn used and out of my stash I am going to set it aside for a couple of weeks and try and finish my Berry Socks instead. Hopefully if I come back to it at a later date I will be less frustrated and more open to figuring out what I have done wrong.

So watch this space!

I am also however determined not to cast on any new projects until I have finished one of the 3 I have in progress, and I get itchy fingers quite quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't take long for me to have them sorted.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Toasty hands!
That is what this little guy is leaving me with:

This is the cup cuddler that I mentioned I was going to knit in my last post, isn't it cute? It is currently wrapped around a glass jar, and originally I only put it there for taking the photo but I have had a bit of an idea and think that a few of them around jars with little tea lights in them or mini votive candles would make lovely little decorations, especially if I made one with a more lace based pattern.

This one was made from this pattern, with 2 strands of my Katia Merino held together, which I have now completely used up! I do like to destash, and it got me some HPKCHC points too.

I shall have a larger update of the socky variety later today, be warned there will be venting!!