Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bella's Cable Scarf

I have permission to pop this online. I wasn't really sure how to go about it, so I turned it into a PDF and have just hosted it with google, but this might change if I figure out a better way and I am also hoping to get it on Ravelry at some point too.
So here is the link. Enjoy.
If you need any help then just send me a message, though it's a pretty easy pattern so I can't see there being too many problems :)

Studying hard.

That is what today has felt like, I have been beavering away working on a couple of patterns.
I have never really done pattern writing, I adapted a pattern to make the Bella's scarf, and my version of the Bella's mittens is different from the original as I changed the palm from garter to moss stitch, but actually designing something outright I have never done. So today I sat on the living room floor surrounded by pieces of paper, lots of patterns I have been studying and my stitch dictionaries and did some doodling.

It all started when after receiving the yarn for my Haven scarf, and starting to knit it up I began to think I wouldn't have enough. I promptly ordered two more balls and it has now occurred to me that I might actually have had the right amount first time around, so I might have extra. To solve the potential problem I decided I needed gloves too. I already had some DK weight merino to make some ladylike gloves but I thought what if its colder and I want chunky gloves? After all I do live in England, and in the north, when I used to come home from Uni I would get off the train in Doncaster and promptly put on some gloves and a scarf. So chunky mittens became the idea.

So I am now sat having chosen the branch lace pattern for the top of the mitten having to choose from 7, yes 7, different types of stitch that I like for the palm. I don't want it to be plain garter because I like a textured palm to a mitten, but I also don't want to use anything too far away from the lines that garter gives when knitting in the round in case it looks a little messy, decisions, decisions.
I also don't want to start knitting it up because I might have been right the second time, and may need the yarn for my Haven, so this will be a slow burner I think (though if I am honest Haven is going pretty quickly, so it wouldn't surprise me if I was attacking this next week).
See, a long way to go but still growing quite a bit. Also look at the pretty KnitPro needles, I have fallen in love with the Spectra needles, they are fab. I find metal too slippery and these have just enough slip and just enough grab, as well as having nice pointy tips unlike my Addi metal needles, I shall definitely be adding some more sizes to my shopping list.

On another note about a finished object, I received a lovely compliment from this lady today. I have been reading her blog being a lurker for a while and she said my Bella's scarf was beautiful, which made me very happy. Incidentally I am currently awaiting a reply from Subliminal Rabbit, the writer of the Bella's Mittens pattern, I thought it would be polite to ask if I could put my scarf pattern up for all to see and knit as her mittens were my inspiration. So watch this space :)

Monday, 28 September 2009

My yarn is sprouting toadstools!!

Where be the fairies?!
Do you like my pins? Don't they look great stuck in the yarn to dry! I am so chuffed with them, they are definitely worth the time it took to make them, and the glue and paint fingers. I have only done half the tin of pins so far and there are loads of them so I am not sure if I will do the others. My dad said I should sell them in little sets of 20 or something, they are really cute but I am not sure anyone would buy them, and I haven't a clue what I would charge consider the effort that has gone into them.
Also, there are two without dots on yet, can you spot them?
Other then pricking myself many times with pins I have started the yellow yarn project, which will now simply be called Haven, as I am actually using the real pattern now I have managed to commandeer the book (queen of the book buying I got 10% off because it was creased muhahaha) and a very pretty book it is too.
Here it is:

Along with the pretty yarns I got during my trip to John Lewis. I went purely for Rowan yarn and that is what I got. I was tempted by some Debbie Bliss but no Rowan and only Rowan. I got some Kidsilk Aura to make the 'Calm' pattern from the book, it requires 6 balls, but I can't afford that all in one go so I thought I would get two and get another every so often to make it drag out a bit, I have never understood the hype about dye lots, I guess I am just not fussy about those sorts of things.
I also got Cherry Glace for some lovely Little Cotton Rabbits cupcakes I am knitting up to be a new pin cushion (the ice cream cone one wasn't successful, note to self, cotton wool is not a good padding) and also some Alpaca Cotton for making the bunny on some bunny egg cosies also from the same marvelous woman. If you haven't read Little Cotton Rabbits before you really should, it is one of the few blogs I was reading before I actually started knitting and helped inspire me to actually start. Her animal creations are the most adorable things I have ever seen, I desperately want a fox so I shall have to see if one appears in her Etsy shop next time she releases some of the animals to new homes :)
It is also Julie that put me onto my Swallow casein needles, she has quite a few pairs and they are fab, so i definitely recommend popping over to her blog for a read about her family and crafting and gardening, and if your a knitter you should definitely get her patterns!

I think that is all for the next couple of days. I am working on a sewing project too at the moment but I broke my sewing machine making it on saturday and still haven't gotten round to borrowing my mum's machine yet so more on that when it is complete!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Finished Object!!!

Oh yes, you read correctly, the Bella's Scarf in PINK is finished!!!!!!! I am so happy about this, mainly because I was getting a little bit of cramp from all the pattern repeats (I did 35 in the end) and also because this is my first finished object that i can wear, it is functional, which is what this learning to knit lark was all about.
so without further ado, here is the beauty:

Isn't it pretty :) I am off to the library for my Agatha Raisin fix in a bit and I suspect I shall have to wear it, it looks a little chilly out there.
Anyways some technical stuff, the scarf now measures in at a really quite long 170cm. This is after blocking obviously. I used a wet block method, just dunking it into some water and then squishing it back out with a towel before pinning it down, I pinned it to my old yoga mat as I don't have any of those foam board things, but actually it wasn't quite long enough, one of the ribbed ends hung off it so I just prayed that as it is k2, p2 rib it will be ok as its super stretchy anyways.
I used 100% Merino on 5.5mm needles for this, and am really glad I did as it's lovely and soft and now it is blocked it flows fantastically, before it was all stiff because it was so tight but now it has a great drape to it.
It is so exciting getting to wear something that you have entirely made yourself, I enjoy wearing things I have altered because there is a sense of achievement but when something used to be a ball of yarn and now after some time, care, and attention it is a scarf it really is satisfying, I was so excited that I wanted to put it into last night's post but I refrained!
While that was blocking yesterday I got down to some crafty business and painted the heads of my pins and glossed them, now all I need is some craft glue with a really tiny nozzle so i can glue them back together!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

To Arthur!

As many of you may have seen on the telly and around the towns, today is the 250th anniversary of the founding of Guinness.
I actually had to be reminded by my (Irish) boyfriend today, I knew it was coming up but not which day, so I promptly sent the home delivery wagon (Dad) to go and fetch me a can. Not as good as the real thing, and I wish I was in Dublin (though mainly because I miss the Irish boyfriend a lot.)
I have had a love affair with this drink for many years, since about the age of 13 I think (I am 21, that is a long time for me!) and I have had many happy times drinking it. Several funny occasions that I can recall are the response from men much older then me when I was 13/14 of: "a GIRL drinking Guinness?! And only 14!!!"
Also many a time at college parties where a pint was drunk in one as a party trick in order to use as a bargaining chip, "I will only do it if you do..." (this one was really rather fun).
I had a hiatus from the drink while at university, mainly because of a bad incident with some Bacardi, I am happily sitting enjoying a pint now though, reminiscing about my youth, which while not really over yet, I feel the most outrageous parts are definitely behind me. I feel much more grown up nowadays (today I was a little miffed I couldn't join an over 55's dinner at the community centre).
So today, I would like to join the millions of others to say "To Arthur" thank you for many wonderful memories :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Special Delivery!

I am really rather behind on this so this will be a long one.

First, I have finished my ice cream cone pin cushion! My first real FO! (I'm not including the one mitten I have done as obviously it is part of a set) I am quite proud of it, I used the "scooped" pattern on Ravelry. I did make a change, the pattern called for 5 rows at the beginning of the scoop pattern, which makes up the melting part of it, but this is where all the ssk's that were hurting my wrist were so I only did 3 rows and then continued the rest of the pattern. I used some lovely squishy Lana Grossa cool wool to make it, and the effect is nice and soft. I stuffed it with cotton wool but I am not so sure this was the best idea and may take it apart and change it as it isn't as good at accepting the pins as I thought it would be.

Other then this I have been merrily knitting away on my pink scarf, I have now used two balls of the yarn, and am onto my third, I am not sure how many repeats I am actually going to do, I will just judge by putting it on at intervals, so far I have done about 30.

In between this and that I have been popping to the library. I have access to two library areas, both North Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire, the knitting sections aren't great from what I have seen but I have found a couple of things I'd like to make.

I really rather like this tote bag, it calls for felting, which is something I haven't done before but really want to try. It would make a great bag for storing yarn that wont fit in my Cath Kidston knitting bag where i keep projects. Though saying that it would just be a really nice bag to have really, great for transporting all the stuff I carry around, especially books.

These are a cute little Christmas decoration, also felted, both projects are from a book called Holiday Knits. It also has a couple of other cute projects too, well worth having a look at.
Thee stockings are a lace pattern, and the ones below are felted slipper socks. I love both of these, they are from a book called "Knitted Sock Sensations" again something I haven't done before, making socks, but which I keep saying I will, when I get some yarn that is suitable.
Now for the special delivery part. Look at my haul!

This wasn't all in one day i might add. My Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky arrived in the middle of last week. The Black Sheep whom I ordered it from were really great with the order, and it arrived only a few days after I had ordered it, I had great fun throwing all the balls into the air :) I got the Katia and the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from Tricot only yesterday. It should be the right amount to finish my pink and purple sets! I'm glad I finally managed to get what I needed so I can plough ahead. The random hand wound balls on the left are some nice 100% merino that i got from Boyes purely to have in my stash for little jobs.
My lovely books that you can see I got over the weekend, they are the reissues of the Harmony Guides stitch dictionaries, the pictures inside are fabulous and the amount of different stitches in each book is great. I really want to try and insert them into some of my knitting.

Here is my favorite collection of new things, they arrived this morning:
Lovely Knit Pro items! I got some 5mm DPN's, a 5mm inter-changable wooden tip and an 8mm new Spectra acrylic tip, and the cables i need to make things on them.
Here is a close up of the spectra tips, they are really cool! I can't wait to use them, I got them for my Yellow project, which I will make sure I don't cast on until I have finished something else, I am promising myself!Here are the DPN's and the 5mm symphony wooden needles too, look at the pretty colours! They are for making the hat to go with my Bella's scarf, and hopefully another hat for someone else :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

More crafting to talk about!

I have more to say! I didn't want to make an extra long post so I thought I would split the content in two.
I have been doing other crafty things, mainly making a notice board.
A while back I read on one of the many blogs I have bookmarked that someone had make a notice board by covering an artists canvas in fabric.
"Genius!" I thought. That would be perfect for making a little board to hang next to my desk, said desk is normally filled with clutter and post its but this way I can keep it a bit more tidy.
Art canvases aren't that cheap by the way, I got mine from a cheap bookshop that has previosuly been mentioned and it was £3.99, 'that's not expensive!' I will hear you cry but for me that is, its a ball of yarn! I then also got some red and white stripey fabric as my room is red and white stripes, the colours are a bit bright but its all I could find.

The construction was relatively easy, I simply stretched the fabric over the canvas on my desk and stapled it in place with one of those staple guns used to staple into the wall and things, like at school. This bit was easy but sometimes a little frustrating if the fabric wouldn't lie flat, for example I ironed it before doing this and it then got a massive crease in it half way through because it folded while I was stapling.

Here it is after I had stapled on some ribbon too, I needed 3m to finish it, I originally got 2m of ribbon but as you can see from this picture I didn't quite have enough. Luckily I got this from Boyes so there was plenty more, and it was only 30p per meter too so it wasn't exactly breaking the bank to get more. I didn't measure where to put these or anything, I just did it by eye, stapling them at one end and then stretching them tight around the canvas and stapling at the other end. The ribbons if you haven't guessed are great at holding up bits of paper that you don't want to put a pin through, they tuck in and the tension keeps them in place.

Here it is all finished yesterday, complete with post its to show how grippy the ribbons are.

And here is a pin so you can see that it does indeed hold pins nicely, especially my little ladybug ones, which were from Paperchase a couple of years ago (they might still do them, I bought about 5 packs so that should suggest people want them!) Like the little bow? I did that with the left overs of ribbon from the first day :)

Getting behind.

Ick so I was hoping I would have a picture of a completed pin cushion to show you...I haven't. I started making the ice cream top and noticed my wrist kept clicking whenever I did an ssk (there are a lot of those) and thought I had better put it down for a bit, I started it again last night and got almost through a row when the clicking started again so I think it will have to be done in short bursts.
This doesn't mean i haven't been crafty though :)
Double chocolate chip muffins to be precise! My mum works at a school as a cook and some of the muffin mix was nearing its best before date so she bought it home for me to whip up into delicious chocolaty treats! The mix is very much like packet mix, stick some water in and you're ready to go, they are delicious though and i added both milk and white chocolate chips.
Here's a pretty one with a close up. Yum yum!
I haven't only been stuffing my face with cake though. What happens when you cross left over clay from making stitch markers...

With a big pot of dressmakers pins like this,

You get these!! Dressmakers pins with sparkly pink clay heads, which are going to be polka dotted and glazed like the stitch markers so they all match. I had the idea when after realising that my pins had all had their ends snapped off, it slowly occurred to me that I would have to get new pins. I looked on Etsy and other places for some nice decorative ones but then decided, I have clay and paint, why not make my own! I have done more then this picture suggests, two pins wouldn't do very much, but i do still have half the pack of pins left and lots of clay, they also still need painting because since i haven't finished my pin cushion i have nothing to stick them in! I am super proud though, they have cost me hardly anything per pin and will be really pretty when they are finished.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Small things.

So, please proceed to tell me off, after saying only yesterday that I MUST finish some of my WIP (works in process) I have started something new... but it is really small! So it should be allowed!

My ice cream cone pin cushion :)
While sewing the other day I noticed that some of my pins weren't pointy any more, and after some detective work I found that my pin cushion was snapping the ends off, so I have made a nice new soft one full of cotton wool.
The cone is green, I don't have any brown wool so it is a pistachio cone, and nice vanilla ice cream.
As you can see from the larger picture then normal I got to use my Knit Pro needles, I have discovered that I am in love with these needles, they really are amazingly cool. Not only are the colours great but they are really smooth to use and have really pointy ends. I have been considering ordering some interchangeable circular ones as I saw some that are acrylic, and I prefer plastic to metal and previous to this wood, now I think I will get a couple of cables and a pair of acrylic AND a pair of wooden ones, just to try. Oh and of course some new pins to replace the broken ones, I am considering being all crafty and giving them decorative ends :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I have finally decided how I am going to make my yellow lace project, I ordered some lemon yellow Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky from The Black Sheep yesterday, I think 8 balls will be enough if my calculations are correct, if not I will just have to find some more! It was half price which I actually did a little dance about, a real dance with "yippee!!"'s and everything. I had gone into Tricot earlier in the day and asked if they would order it and they would have to charge me for the full ten balls and it would be £45 which in my currently jobless situation I could not afford, so I was super happy when i found this at £2.50 a ball and only £1 for postage! There was some confusion about whether they actually had any, but today I got the confirmation they definitely did so I cheered up after thinking I had lost my perfect yarn.

I have decided though that I wont be casting this on for a while yet, while at Tricot I got some Katia 100% merino which is a much closer match to the pink german yarn I already had for my pink Bella's Scarf and so I frogged the little bit I had done in Sublime and have redone it in the Katia, I am going to get another ball and do the hat in it too but do the other mitten in more Sublime, I am determined that I will finish the pink and the purple sets before starting the yellow lace project as the yellow is really a christmas present to myself, and I wont be using it until I get my bag anyway.
My list of to do is slowly getting bigger, the purple is chugging along nicely, I will definitely need more yarn but I will worry about that next week, mondays are now my Scunthorpe days
so I will be going to the library and the yarn shop then.

Today I haven't done much knitting, but I have been playing with yarn. Last night I was knitting away and getting really frustrated about my ball of yarn rolling away from me, my first solution was this:

While effective and also using up one of the hundreds of bowls my mum has (they come with panna cotta and creme brulee in them from M&S) the ball bounced out a couple of times, so instead I did some searching on the internet and found out how to wind balls of yarn so that they unwound from the middle, and so have been feverishly winding yarn on my thumb for a lot of the afternoon.

I did it quite losely and the yarn is all in much smaller balls now, they will all fit in my bag with some projects in too which is good as that is what it was designed for, it was a little annoying that it didn't all fit anymore. I think I shall definitely be doing it from now on, they are all so neat and tidy too :)

Other then winding yarn I have been busy sewing, I have made the project bag I had said I would from the scraps left after the sailor dress transformation.

I am actually quite surprised with myself with this one. I honestly thought I would leave it a few days then start it then leave it because using the sewing machine does wind me up sometimes, but I'm glad I have done it, I have also made a little notions bag for my now completely finished stitch markers (I glazed them with clear nail polish in the end). Hopefully this will stop me losing them, and help keep my knitting bag tidy, unfortunately I didn't think ahead and make it big enough to also hold my cable needles and tapestry needles, but I have a little make up bag I don't use that I think everything will fit into. If you haven't noticed already, I really don't like things being messy.

The only other interesting thing to report really is that I have found some new favorite books. I have been finding it hard to concentrate on reading lately because my mind would keep wandering to other things and I would not take in the words on the page. I knew I needed something really easy to read, and so I decided to try these:

I first discovered them while working at Waterstone's and considered getting them, but I am now glad I didn't, 30% discount doesn't come anywhere near 3 for £5!! I found them at this bargain price in the bargain bookshop The Works when browsing for a book for my sister's AS Level English Lit course. They are really fun, I finished the first one in two days, which while slow for me is quick for me while I am also knitting and feeding my restaurant city people and chatting and cooking etc.
The series is about a 50-something PR businesswoman who takes early retirement and moves from London to a tiny village in the Cotswolds, murder shortly follows and in a Miss Marple-y way Mrs Raisin (as is her name) solves it! The first one, 'Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death' was nice and light hearted, and I especially like it as I can see the same sort of things in my own village, particularly the bits about incomers, damn those new builds ruining the prettiness of my picturesque home :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ahoy Sailor

So i have been a busy sewing bee today.
I have successfully shortened a dress into a pretty camisole top :)
Here it is before I cut it, it was a very nice dress but I have only worn it once since I got it around 2 years ago. As a top it shall be worn lots.

Not a huge thing i know as it is only one seam to sew but for me thats really good as I'm not a very good sewer.
Here we are all cut and sewn up again, I think its really cute and would look great with jeans and a little cardigan or bolero.

I am going to turn the left over fabric into a small project bag to carry my knitting around in my handbag too :)

More on Knitting.

I completely forgot to update on the other things I have been up to! I got so caught up in my Stitch marker post i forgot i had done my first ever piece of lace knitting the day before.
I was really rather proud of myself for managing it when it was something I was scared of as much as socks, I also got to have some fun practicing blocking too and attempting to suss a pattern just from looking at some photos of finished pieces.

Right I shall start at the beginning. As you know I have some lovely yellow yarn.

It is some more Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino, which is my favorite at the moment because its so soft and squishy, I matched it with some yellow I had been given by the boyfriend's mum and I really want to use it to make something to compliment my yellow bag.
I have trawled through Ravelry's pattern section to try and find something which was delicate like a shawl but chunky enough to be a really warm scarf as winter is approaching. I must have seen the pattern on Ravelry but I didn't click that it was exactly what I wanted until I read back through some of Susan Crowe's blog posts and found her Haven by Kim Hargreaves. It looked so lovely, warm and thick because of the width and length but also the lace made it look delicate. I had to have it.
Now, I don't know if I have mentioned it, but I am currently unemployed, one of those recent graduates stuck in unemployment because of the recession (it is driving me nuts but I wont get into that here as I could rant about it for hours) and so I can't afford Kim Hargreaves' book, currently the little money I am getting is going towards yarn and my phone bill, I have added it to my christmas list though, as there are a few things I would love to make in it.
SO, I thought, it must be available in the library, its a book! I searched, it isn't there, and I am a member of two different areas for libraries, I was really rather disappointed, and considering emailing the website to see if they would sell me just that one pattern but I thought that was going a bit loopy, and decided if I looked at all the pictures and did some browsing about lace stitch patterns I could probably figure it out myself.
And I sort of have! Obviously i have no way of knowing if it is correct or not, but after finding a similar sort of leaf pattern I am going to make it using that with the garter stitch edging and hope it works. If it doesn't I figure I can always rip it back and make it at christmas if I get the book.

So here is my test swatch all blocked and everything. The original Haven calls for a chunky weight wool and i used DK for this, one of the things i will be doing when i try it with the yellow is attempting to use two strands together to get the thickness, I do love some experimenting. So there will be another swatch in a day or two hopefully!

On another note I have been doing some more on the Bella's Scarf in purple for my sister.
Here it is:
I think it is going quite well, I made a little mistake but I don't think it is noticeable. I have nearly used the first ball of yarn but have another so I will continue until that one is finished and see how long it is before deciding if it is done yet or not. I also got my o2 money card the other day so I can order the yarn I need and hopefully get some projects finished!

p.s. I gave in yesterday and bought some socks. I have been meaning to make some and am going to have a go some time this week, but you can't exactly make Pringle. They're really lovely long ones for wearing knee boots (like some riding style ones i have), and I got some walking socks because on holiday recently I purchased some walking shoes so I can properly trek around the area! Hopefully some pretty Linconshire photos will be coming soon :)

Craft fantastic!

Whoo! I can finally explain the mystery of last night's post!
Well I spent all yesterday evening being Miss crafty. I made my own stitch markers!
I am so proud of them, they look great.
I decided to do this when i was browsing Etsy for some polka dot ones to match my knitting bag and tape measure. I found a few that were lots of different colours with polka dots, but none that were just red and white. So my brain having of late looked at things and though well why cant I make that, decided I should give it a go, and yesterday I went and got some clay and cord and crimps so I could try.

Here is all the cord nicely crimped into loops, I wanted the to be snag free so I have avoided those metal looks that I have seen a lot made with, also using cord like this means that they fit onto different sizes of needle and the cord simply hangs into a tighter loop. The crimping was quite difficult because I didn't have any small pliers so I ended up using quite chunky pliers on tiny pieces of metal, a miracle I didn't squish my fingers!

Just before going into the oven, my hands were all red from rolling all the little balls, it was fun though, and they look like little cherries or something which is cute. getting them back into a round shape after squishing the crimped cord into them for the hole was a bit annoying, but I managed to get them quite round.

This was at the time of posting last night, I had just gotten to use my favorite toy, the hot glue gun, to put the crimps into the holes, a couple of the holes had shrunk a little so I had to use a bradawl to scrape some extra clay out. One I had to abandon completely because it simply wouldn't go in.

Here they are all hanging to dry after painting, I love the little ones, they look really cute with their dots, they still need glossing though, I can't do that yet as i don't have any gloss, completely forgot to get some from the craft shop!

As you can see the bigger sized ones have notations written on them for marking specific things, my painting isn't the neatest though so some look a little scruffy. I am still really proud though, I got 19 for the price I could pay for 4 on Etsy (20 if that last one hadn't messed up, though I used the cord to make a heart) and they match my stuff nicely too :)

I am going to be even more crafty later today as I am turning a dress into a top and making a small project bag from the trimmings left over. I shall update when i have finished it!


I have been doing something SO fun today, but they aren't finished yet so this is a teaser only, there will be full details tomorrow (or rather later today as it is past 12)


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Special Things

In my trip into town yesterday I also went to the Library to look at some knitting books, I have a lovely knitting bible which I got the other weekend, but I wanted something for socks. Lots of people seem to like to strike fear into newbies with the mention of socks and turning heels so I am hoping to give it a go soon. I have some yellow sublime DK to use, but i am not sure i want to waste it on socks.

You see i got the yellow for a special reason, I got it because I was bought a bag. The bag has a story. It is a Radley bag, I love Radley, I have two Radley purses and an umbrella, and I saw this bag at the beginning of the spring/summer season and loved it, alas Icould not afford it. I begged my mum to buy it and let me pay it back when it then went into the sale, she said no, this was reasonable as it was still £120. Then I graduated and was given some treat money, just enough for the bag...I couldn't find it anywhere, it had sold out of every department store and Radley shop, not just up here in the north (I looked in Sheffield, Lincoln, York...) But also every shop in London! I dragged John to every shop with the little doggy, he hates that doggy now. I was suitably dismayed and faced the idea that I would have to wait until next spring/summer for a pretty yellow bag.

TA DAH!!! A couple of weeks ago me and mum discovered a Tula outlet store in York, Tula are the people who own Radley and we saw another nice yellow bag that wasn't the one i wanted, i had however just been bought a cutlery set to go towards christmas and that cost a lot of money so mum said no, besides it wasn't my bag.

That day we got back home and the cutlery we had bought although very similar to my original cutlery was not quite the same so it had to go back (I am 21 and fussing over cutlery, I know this is sad, but I like things to match) so we waited a couple of weeks and took it back, on the way past the Tula store I started to walk towards the door because I could see it! My bag!! On the shelf!! This time, Mum said she would buy it as the cutlery was going back, and that I could have it for christmas or pay her back bit by bit, so that is what I am doing.

This doesn't help me decide what to make from the yellow yarn, but i get to talk about my pretty bag which is fun anyways. I was thinking of a shawl but it will be getting cold again soon so I am thinking of another scarf, a more posh floaty one, so a cross between a shawl and a scarf, a bit thicker then a shawl and a bit thinner then a scarf, anyways it will go lovely with my cream coat, which I am going to dry clean today, now all I need is the money to pay mum back for it!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bella's Scarf

I haven't much to blog about today as I'm currently awaiting my new o2 money card before I can continue to make my Bella Mitten/scarf/hat set. I am not sure if you will have seen them advertised but they are exclusively for o2 customers and are a pre-pay chip and pin visa card, I figure this is much safer for use online (I don't have a credit card) as you only put the amount your going to spend on it, then if someone steals the details there wont be anything to spend and it can't go over that amount! When that arrives I will finally be able to order the yarn I want and possibly a pair of circular needles I've been lusting after in a size that I can use.
I paid a trip to my local yarn shop Tricot yesterday to see if they had the yarn I needed but it was a slightly different colour and she wasn't planning on ordering any unless I wanted the full 10 ball pack, which is about 6 balls too many, and the OH would tell me off.

Bella's scarf has progressed a lot since last posting, i have done 105 rows which is nearly 50cm and the pattern works out great :) As you can see though, there isn't much yarn left, so I am stuck waiting.

I absolutely LOVE working on my swallow needles, for a reason I shall explain in a mo I started using a pair of 9mm Addi turbo's yesterday and even though all the good reviews are ringing in my head I hate them. They are far too slippery.

The problem really lies in how I knit, no matter how hard i try and how many people show me I cannot for the life of me still hold onto the right needle when I pass the yarn over to make the stitch. This causes problems because obviously if your using slippery needles when you let go the stitches tend to slide off :(
I have a problem with wood needles though in that they are a bit too grippy, so i love my nice casein ones which are sort of in the middle, grippy enough but still slippery enough to be able to knit quickly. Swallow don't make circular needles yet from what i have seen, so until they do i am going to try out a pair of Susan Bates crystallite circular needles. When i was in Loop last week i asked the lovely lady about them and she instructed me to order online, as its near impossible to get them in this country. I was disheartened at the idea of waiting for them to come from the US and then i found this website called Rainbow Silks and i am going to order some when i get the o2 card. I might email Swallow and ask them to consider making circular needles too, i know they do DPN's though I've not seen any in this country.

Anyways, the reason I started using the Addi needles is because I have taken over making my sister's scarf, she decided she didn't want to work to a pattern yet, just wanted to play around with some yarn to get the feel of things so I gave her some green that I had no plans for and I have started doing her scarf. I ripped it back because she had made a few mistakes and somehow managed to make 5 stitches, and started on the larger needles to give it a bit of a looser feel then mine. My scarf is quite tight and is going to need to be blocked but so far hers feels all light and soft and I don't think it will need it, though I may go ahead and do it anyways.
So here it is so far:

I don't think this picture really shows off how well the pattern is coming but I like it so far. As you can see I have done the rib in one shade and then changed for the main body of the scarf, this is because after my visit to Tricot yesterday I decided that trying to match a yarn closely enough would be too difficult, and you can always tell when the item is knitted up that it isn't quite the same (this has happened on my pink version but I'm letting it slide) so I chose some of this:
The colour is a lovely plum shade, and i think it is going well so far, I will need some more soon though, I got two balls, and will use them both I think and then use the darker purple for the rib again, and then I am going to duplicate this in the mittens and hat.

Speaking of the mittens, I have almost finished a final draft of the altered pattern for Bella's Mittens. My moss version is almost all figured out, after several sheets of paper and several diagrams I am going to knit a swatch to the pattern and see if it works. It will mean I will have an odd mitten where there isn't the little bits of random ribbing, but I don't mind so much when it's for me.
I shall update when i have done some more on these and when i have ordered the yarn.
Now a new post for something special :)