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Tuesday 22 September 2009

Special Delivery!

I am really rather behind on this so this will be a long one.

First, I have finished my ice cream cone pin cushion! My first real FO! (I'm not including the one mitten I have done as obviously it is part of a set) I am quite proud of it, I used the "scooped" pattern on Ravelry. I did make a change, the pattern called for 5 rows at the beginning of the scoop pattern, which makes up the melting part of it, but this is where all the ssk's that were hurting my wrist were so I only did 3 rows and then continued the rest of the pattern. I used some lovely squishy Lana Grossa cool wool to make it, and the effect is nice and soft. I stuffed it with cotton wool but I am not so sure this was the best idea and may take it apart and change it as it isn't as good at accepting the pins as I thought it would be.

Other then this I have been merrily knitting away on my pink scarf, I have now used two balls of the yarn, and am onto my third, I am not sure how many repeats I am actually going to do, I will just judge by putting it on at intervals, so far I have done about 30.

In between this and that I have been popping to the library. I have access to two library areas, both North Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire, the knitting sections aren't great from what I have seen but I have found a couple of things I'd like to make.

I really rather like this tote bag, it calls for felting, which is something I haven't done before but really want to try. It would make a great bag for storing yarn that wont fit in my Cath Kidston knitting bag where i keep projects. Though saying that it would just be a really nice bag to have really, great for transporting all the stuff I carry around, especially books.

These are a cute little Christmas decoration, also felted, both projects are from a book called Holiday Knits. It also has a couple of other cute projects too, well worth having a look at.
Thee stockings are a lace pattern, and the ones below are felted slipper socks. I love both of these, they are from a book called "Knitted Sock Sensations" again something I haven't done before, making socks, but which I keep saying I will, when I get some yarn that is suitable.
Now for the special delivery part. Look at my haul!

This wasn't all in one day i might add. My Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky arrived in the middle of last week. The Black Sheep whom I ordered it from were really great with the order, and it arrived only a few days after I had ordered it, I had great fun throwing all the balls into the air :) I got the Katia and the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino from Tricot only yesterday. It should be the right amount to finish my pink and purple sets! I'm glad I finally managed to get what I needed so I can plough ahead. The random hand wound balls on the left are some nice 100% merino that i got from Boyes purely to have in my stash for little jobs.
My lovely books that you can see I got over the weekend, they are the reissues of the Harmony Guides stitch dictionaries, the pictures inside are fabulous and the amount of different stitches in each book is great. I really want to try and insert them into some of my knitting.

Here is my favorite collection of new things, they arrived this morning:
Lovely Knit Pro items! I got some 5mm DPN's, a 5mm inter-changable wooden tip and an 8mm new Spectra acrylic tip, and the cables i need to make things on them.
Here is a close up of the spectra tips, they are really cool! I can't wait to use them, I got them for my Yellow project, which I will make sure I don't cast on until I have finished something else, I am promising myself!Here are the DPN's and the 5mm symphony wooden needles too, look at the pretty colours! They are for making the hat to go with my Bella's scarf, and hopefully another hat for someone else :)

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