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Friday 4 September 2009

Mittens :)

Here is the other project I have on the go:
They are called Bella's Mittens, as they are a pattern based on the mittens Bella Swan wears in Twilight. The originals are £47 a pair!! I got the pattern from SubliminalRabbit, though I have changed it for my own pair to make them match the original more closely. So this is the left mitten, the right one is currently on hold until I can get some more yarn. I used Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk dk in Rosy for these, I love the pink shade and the yarn is really soft, Iused 6mm DPN's and they have come out quite loose which I like as I am not a fan of gloves that are too chunky to allow you to do anything.
These are the first thing I have knitted in the round from a pattern. I started a sock with the same yarn and then frogged it to make these so I haven't had much experience of working with 4 needles at a time, I began to find it quite easy though and I can understand why people like it so much.
In this picture you can see the length of the sleeve as it is coming along, I love the cable pattern, its so simple but it looks really nice, and is unlike most other cables which makes it stand out, Imight attempt to make a pair of socks with it on.
Here you can see where I have altered the pattern. The original mitts had a moss stitch palm and the pattern I was using called for stockinette so I changed it back to moss. I had never done moss before let alone in the round so I had to do some snooping on the net to see how to achieve it, I think it has worked really well though. You can see my scribblings for the changes to the pattern in the background, there are pages of these!

Here we are almost done :) I was trying to be artistic with my sisters new DSLR camera here, and I think it shows both the rib and moss in action quite well.
I finished the first mitten last night at around 3 am. At this stage I had to add a couple of rows because I'd messed up and couldn't be bothered to undo the rows I'd just done, but that turned out to be a good thing, as the mitten would have been too short for my fingers if I hadn't. I also had to do some stitching to repair the sides where my knitting had been a bit loose and there were quite large holes.
All in all though I really enjoyed this one, despite the annoying complicated bits at the end, and can't wait to get some more yarn to finish the right one.
Playing with the pattern has lead me to think I will attempt a scarf pattern that will match too, I have already found a hat that someone else has written so then I would have a nice set. For now though I will have to wait.
Already I have been asked to make some for my sister, so it looks like christmas is sorted!!

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