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Sunday 13 September 2009

Craft fantastic!

Whoo! I can finally explain the mystery of last night's post!
Well I spent all yesterday evening being Miss crafty. I made my own stitch markers!
I am so proud of them, they look great.
I decided to do this when i was browsing Etsy for some polka dot ones to match my knitting bag and tape measure. I found a few that were lots of different colours with polka dots, but none that were just red and white. So my brain having of late looked at things and though well why cant I make that, decided I should give it a go, and yesterday I went and got some clay and cord and crimps so I could try.

Here is all the cord nicely crimped into loops, I wanted the to be snag free so I have avoided those metal looks that I have seen a lot made with, also using cord like this means that they fit onto different sizes of needle and the cord simply hangs into a tighter loop. The crimping was quite difficult because I didn't have any small pliers so I ended up using quite chunky pliers on tiny pieces of metal, a miracle I didn't squish my fingers!

Just before going into the oven, my hands were all red from rolling all the little balls, it was fun though, and they look like little cherries or something which is cute. getting them back into a round shape after squishing the crimped cord into them for the hole was a bit annoying, but I managed to get them quite round.

This was at the time of posting last night, I had just gotten to use my favorite toy, the hot glue gun, to put the crimps into the holes, a couple of the holes had shrunk a little so I had to use a bradawl to scrape some extra clay out. One I had to abandon completely because it simply wouldn't go in.

Here they are all hanging to dry after painting, I love the little ones, they look really cute with their dots, they still need glossing though, I can't do that yet as i don't have any gloss, completely forgot to get some from the craft shop!

As you can see the bigger sized ones have notations written on them for marking specific things, my painting isn't the neatest though so some look a little scruffy. I am still really proud though, I got 19 for the price I could pay for 4 on Etsy (20 if that last one hadn't messed up, though I used the cord to make a heart) and they match my stuff nicely too :)

I am going to be even more crafty later today as I am turning a dress into a top and making a small project bag from the trimmings left over. I shall update when i have finished it!

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