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Friday 25 September 2009

Finished Object!!!

Oh yes, you read correctly, the Bella's Scarf in PINK is finished!!!!!!! I am so happy about this, mainly because I was getting a little bit of cramp from all the pattern repeats (I did 35 in the end) and also because this is my first finished object that i can wear, it is functional, which is what this learning to knit lark was all about.
so without further ado, here is the beauty:

Isn't it pretty :) I am off to the library for my Agatha Raisin fix in a bit and I suspect I shall have to wear it, it looks a little chilly out there.
Anyways some technical stuff, the scarf now measures in at a really quite long 170cm. This is after blocking obviously. I used a wet block method, just dunking it into some water and then squishing it back out with a towel before pinning it down, I pinned it to my old yoga mat as I don't have any of those foam board things, but actually it wasn't quite long enough, one of the ribbed ends hung off it so I just prayed that as it is k2, p2 rib it will be ok as its super stretchy anyways.
I used 100% Merino on 5.5mm needles for this, and am really glad I did as it's lovely and soft and now it is blocked it flows fantastically, before it was all stiff because it was so tight but now it has a great drape to it.
It is so exciting getting to wear something that you have entirely made yourself, I enjoy wearing things I have altered because there is a sense of achievement but when something used to be a ball of yarn and now after some time, care, and attention it is a scarf it really is satisfying, I was so excited that I wanted to put it into last night's post but I refrained!
While that was blocking yesterday I got down to some crafty business and painted the heads of my pins and glossed them, now all I need is some craft glue with a really tiny nozzle so i can glue them back together!

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