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Wednesday 9 September 2009

Special Things

In my trip into town yesterday I also went to the Library to look at some knitting books, I have a lovely knitting bible which I got the other weekend, but I wanted something for socks. Lots of people seem to like to strike fear into newbies with the mention of socks and turning heels so I am hoping to give it a go soon. I have some yellow sublime DK to use, but i am not sure i want to waste it on socks.

You see i got the yellow for a special reason, I got it because I was bought a bag. The bag has a story. It is a Radley bag, I love Radley, I have two Radley purses and an umbrella, and I saw this bag at the beginning of the spring/summer season and loved it, alas Icould not afford it. I begged my mum to buy it and let me pay it back when it then went into the sale, she said no, this was reasonable as it was still £120. Then I graduated and was given some treat money, just enough for the bag...I couldn't find it anywhere, it had sold out of every department store and Radley shop, not just up here in the north (I looked in Sheffield, Lincoln, York...) But also every shop in London! I dragged John to every shop with the little doggy, he hates that doggy now. I was suitably dismayed and faced the idea that I would have to wait until next spring/summer for a pretty yellow bag.

TA DAH!!! A couple of weeks ago me and mum discovered a Tula outlet store in York, Tula are the people who own Radley and we saw another nice yellow bag that wasn't the one i wanted, i had however just been bought a cutlery set to go towards christmas and that cost a lot of money so mum said no, besides it wasn't my bag.

That day we got back home and the cutlery we had bought although very similar to my original cutlery was not quite the same so it had to go back (I am 21 and fussing over cutlery, I know this is sad, but I like things to match) so we waited a couple of weeks and took it back, on the way past the Tula store I started to walk towards the door because I could see it! My bag!! On the shelf!! This time, Mum said she would buy it as the cutlery was going back, and that I could have it for christmas or pay her back bit by bit, so that is what I am doing.

This doesn't help me decide what to make from the yellow yarn, but i get to talk about my pretty bag which is fun anyways. I was thinking of a shawl but it will be getting cold again soon so I am thinking of another scarf, a more posh floaty one, so a cross between a shawl and a scarf, a bit thicker then a shawl and a bit thinner then a scarf, anyways it will go lovely with my cream coat, which I am going to dry clean today, now all I need is the money to pay mum back for it!


  1. I just found you through the Ravelry post about Blogger blogs. Thought I'd stop in and say hi.

    I love your yellow bag and the story that goes with it. Adorable.

    Oh, and socks aren't really all that hard. Just follow the pattern! It's all just knit and purl.

  2. Thank you for commenting! I too am trawling through that list of blogs on Ravelry, it is always nice to have new things to read.
    I thought my mum was hyping socks up to be worse then they actually are! I am going to have a go at making a basic pair with some spare yarn over the next week so there should be update when i am *fingers crossed* triumphant.


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