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Thursday 3 September 2009

Catching up

Right so time to catch up with the knitting projects i have going at the moment, nothing has happened to John's scarf lately as i have spent so much time with him, my other projects are going well though!
First is my cable weave scarf:

The pattern for this one is Susan Crowe's Spangle Scarf. I am a massive fan of her blog and I thought this would be a great pattern for my first ever more complicated project. It was my first project to rib and cable and so far it's going well, I got a bit worried because it looked like the last cable on the left wasn't doing anything for a while but I think it has sorted itself out. If it hasn't i should be able to fix where I've gone wrong now because since starting this I've started something more complicated and figured out how the intricacies of these things work now.
As usual i have lots of step by step pictures :)

I'm using some King Cole Aran, its a lovely oatmeal colour with different coloured flecks all through it which looks great when I'm knitting it as I wonder where they will show up.

My first ever rib pattern, I was very proud when i did this, though I became more proud after the next photo, as I had gotten it into my head that I wouldn't be able to cable, it sounded complicated the way people were describing it to me.

These are my first cable twists, and I think i did them well! The pattern I think was perfect for learning as it had so many cables twisting at the same time, on each cable row I had to do about 6 or something so i got used to it pretty quickly :)
I haven't worked on the scarf for a bit as I've been busy, but I will hopefully get it done soon as one of my other projects is about to be put on hold.
More updates after some more knitting!

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