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Thursday 14 July 2011

Top Pouts: Revlon Pink Pout

So that there new lippy series I was thinking of doing is here!
So my first fave lippy, and I knew immediately that this would be number one, as it is the one I wear most, is Revlon Matte in Pink Pout.

I find this just so so easy to grab, slick on and go.
Even though it is a matte formulation, which I usually avoid like flaming hell fire, I find it easy to apply and wear. It is flexible and just creamy enough to still have a matte effect but not completely sap my lips of all their moisture. I do always apply a lipbalm underneath, which I would recommend, and I do prefer to wear Barry M Strawberry Milkshake over the top as in the last photo. But I can wear this without the gloss and it wouldn’t normally dry my lips out (obviously current skin situation throws that out the window, as the pictures reflect, those pics are after a perfect exfoliation, about 2 minutes after! It is a hopelessly vicious cycle).
I would actually say that it is my favourite of all the matte lipstick formulations I have dared try, most of them quickly get thrown away. I think that I find this the easiest lippy to wear because as it is matte it doesn’t move easily, and it lasts a bit longer then my more moisturising lipsticks, which for notoriously lazy with every day make up me is a blessing.
The colour payoff is pretty awesome too, I find it just that right shade of pink, which manages to still be a great pop of colour but isn’t too light for me to feel a bit weird walking down the street. I can apply a thinner layer for a soft look or whack on a bit more for more of a punch and it still doesn’t dry me out. Perfect!
I would say if you have been a bit afraid of trying matte lippies before, give these a go, they are a nice cheap alternative to higher end lines and they also have a nice nude shade (which will probably be in this series at some point too) if you aren’t a pink person :)
P.S. I’m totally addicted to Ellie Goulding right now (damn iTunes and the ‘complete your album’ feature!), and have been bopping about to “Lights” while typing this, it results in sooo many typos!!

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