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Tuesday 19 July 2011

NOTD: No More Wait-ey, Katie!

Absolutely shocking cuticles here I know, I couldn’t be bothered to tend to them, and I couldn’t find my oil.
Anyways, No More Wait-ey, Katie!
I truly LOVE the name of this polish, I loved the nickname they gave to ole K.Middy in the papers before they got engaged, and loved it when they changed it to fit after.
This shade is very Middleton-esque I feel, it is described as a ‘soft griege littered with lilac glitter’ and it is the sort of colour I can imagine her wearing, but as a dress, not on her nails. The colour is supposed to represent HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s perfect symphony of being fashion conscious and still fun, while also reflecting that obviously she is in a position which requires some decorum. (A/N: I refuse to call her Princess, as quite frankly it is an insult to do so, why do so many people not realise a Duchess is higher ranking then a Princess?!)
I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the formula, for £15 I expect something really impressive and smooth and I found it a little thick. It was difficult to get nice even thin coats, and when I attempted to just go with thicker coats it was just too gloopy and didnt smooth over the nail as nicely as I like, and this could be down to many reasons, the glitter, the formula or maybe the 3 free-ness (though OPI are also 3 free i believe and don’t have these issues).
The wear so far is ok. Polishes never last that long on me as a rule anyway, as i do a LOT of typing, and my jobs involve rearranging shoe boxes, sticking my fingers in shoes to see if they fit right, and shelving books. However despite this I do expect a polish to last longer then a few hours before tip wear and on some fingers this one has not. I think this may be again down to the goopiness (Not to be confused with Gwyneth Paltrow), as it has given it a rather rubbery texture, and that goopiness obviously isn’t helped by the need for 3 coats to reach opacity. I don’t have any chips yet though, and at the time of writing I had been wearing the polish for 3 days, believe me, that is impressive for my nails! I have a feeling this may be a peeler as opposed to a chipper, so we shall see, and no doubt I will tweet about it to whinge either way.
I would probably still give Butter polishes another go, as I am not sure if it is the glitter in this formula that hindered its application, but I wouldn’t be as likely to reach for it unless it was something special I don’t think.
I am glad I grabbed this despite its issues however as it is like a piece of history, and I have now tried another brand of polish. I want to try Deborah Lippman next, possibly Boom Boom Pow, as it has real 24ct gold dust in it!
If you want to grab yourself a piece of British history, still had some in stock at the time of posting :)

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