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Saturday 30 July 2011

Haul: The Focco

So I grabbed a Focco bag (Fake Rocco, or rather imitation, it doesn’t have any branding on it) from eBay the other week (from this seller, great price, item is perfect and shipping took about 2 weeks, a little less) after seeing it on Laura’s blog Buy Now, Blog Later.
I had seen her toting the black and white versions of the bag and really wanted to grab them up, but it wasn’t until I saw the lilac/grey version that I took the plunge.
I couldn’t wait to snap some pics, even though there was sucky lighting as the sun has moved around and is going down, so I will possibly post a couple more colour accurate ones at some point, in these it looks more on the nude side then the almost lilac grey it actually is.

In these pictures the bag is almost full, there is still room in there but it does have a lot of stuff in it, as you can see here:

You would think that this plus the studs would make it unbearably heavy but it is actually lighter then the Radley I usually tote around. Obviously the fabric has a part to play in that, and although it is lightweight, it still feels sturdy, I don’t feel like the seams are about to rip or the handles fall off. I am also super weary about fake leather, working in a shoe shop puts you off it completely, but this doesn’t have those awful crepe feelings or squeaky feeling qualities, it just feels soft. And just so you can see exactly how much stuff that really is in there, here it all is laid out nice and neat for you:

(Why yes, I think I do have mild OCD, I love to organise things into pouches, but this time it was all Mariannan’s fault)
I had my favourite grey Topshop long-line cardigan in there earlier too and it STILL had some room in it! I would even say i could probably use this as a weekend bag if I wanted.
I’m pretty impressed for £30!

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