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Sunday 24 July 2011

Top Pouts: MAC Hue

This is a real favourite for many bloggers, and I am no exception. It is no secret that I love a lot of MAC products, I can safely say it is my favourite brand for cosmetics, and their lipsticks are one of my favourite ranges. I love the vanilla scent, which for something sitting directly under my nose is important to me, and while I prefer cremesheen formulas mainly, this glaze formulation lippy is a must try.

I found it difficult to really capture how great this is, and so had to include a before and after of my lips, but this shade is a perfect pinky nude. It slicks on easily and is sheer enough that you don’t need to worry about whether it has gone on perfectly. It still manages to provide just enough of a pretty shade to the lips to make it look like you have done something, without looking like you have really applied an actual colour.

For me this lipstick perfectly tones down the natural pinkiness to my lips, allowing me to neutralise my colouring somewhat when I am having a blotchy day and draw less attention to the pink in my cheeks. The whole concealer lip thing never seems to look quite right on me, often making me look a bit dead, so for everyday this lippy lets me get half way there without having to liven myself back up again to compensate.
As you can see however Hue does stick to all flakes, and obviously my lips are a little more flaky then normal here, so I recommend a good lip balm beforehand.
MAC Lippies aren’t cheap (though not the most expensive either) at £13.50, but they are really very good quality and often very difficult to replicate with high street brands. If you have never given one a go before, I highly recommend this one to try, and if you are a fan of other MAC products, remember you can try it for free when you take 6 empty MAC containers back to a counter or store using the Back2MAC recycling program (For more information on that click here).

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