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Thursday 13 May 2010

Beating the system.

Sometimes people in publishing houses do really quite silly things. One of these times occurred last month when Charlaine Harris' new Sookie Stackhouse book had its UK release date changed and not it's US one.

So when life gives you lemons...

You have them shipped from across the pond!

(Edit: I changed the picture once the sun came out, see how pretty and sparkly?!)

I am quite impressed as this only took 10 days to get here, considering the new UK release date is the 10th of June this is much much earlier then if I had waited, and after doing some currency conversions it actually worked out about the same price!
Plus the US get much prettier covers for their books, I am tempted to order some from ebay, this one has glitter on the rose and on Sookie's dress, GLITTER! It sparkles!! Much better then the plain black with red lips the UK is going for.

Sometimes I really do wonder why I haven't just marched into a publishing conference and yelled "Are you all mad?!" due to the lack of common sense some of these people have.

Anyways, so the book is great, the pace has decreased a little but in a good way and this book focuses on getting under the skin of the characters and seeing what really makes them tick. This one is also back to the 'Sookie saves the day' dynamic as opposed to the recent 'Sookie gets beaten up' plot lines.

Best line by far from Pam "F**k a zombie!"

Me likey :D

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