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Wednesday 7 October 2009


Soup that is, Butternut squash and sweet potato. Yum.
Here it is, in the pan, lots of chopped squash and sweet potato, with some stock and spices, nice warming spices.
And here it is after I had had a little bit and suddenly thought I had better take a picture before eating any more.

This really perked me up today, I haven't been feeling too great, I know its just a cold and things but you know how they can really get you down, there's nothing better then home made soup on a cold day to fix that.
Not much knitting content I am afraid.
My haven scarf is now over 140cm's long, I'm onto the 16th pattern repeat so over half way now :) I love knitting this scarf but it's now getting heavy and i really want to know if I will have enough yarn to knit my mittens!! No picture yet though.
I DO have a picture of some bargain yarn I got lately.

I got some hand dyed and tweed and some cotton all for bargain prices like £2 when it was supposed to be £10, and I did some sums and realised I have saved over £30 by buying yarn from websites with sales and things going on!! Fab!!

Also got all the stuff for my little christmas puddings, the brown wool is only some acrylic stuff, which I usually hate using with a passion, but I am going to be making quite a few of these and I can't afford to spend loads on them so it will do. Also got some nice coloured cottons for the brandy sauce and holly, and the right sized needles came through over the weekend, I am sure the woman thought I was crazy because I rang and requested specific colours, I like pretty things :) They are more of the great casein needles, though because they're so thin they are reallllllly bendy, hopefully they wont break on me!

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