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Sunday 18 October 2009


I think experimitten might not work :(
I am obviously talking about the mitten I am trying to put together to match my Haven scarf. I think I am going to frog what I have done and try it with a few more stitches or on a slightly larger needle, but I am not sure, it's the yarn over's, they look strange, the bottom ones are as you can see in the picture, but the ones after the very bottom aren't very defined and the glove is a little small, so I shall try once more with the scrap yarn and then I will have to make a decision, I might end up just making plain ones if I can't make it work. I do usually really really try though, so hopefully fingers crossed it will work!

At least the knit pro needles are great, they are pretty and they are great to work with, I am going to add several pairs to my christmas list, I love the acrylic ones and the wood so I am going to add a selection I think, especially some more sock sizes, and some more interchangeable tips, some cords, pretty much everything :D

So what have I been up to when I haven't been knitting? Well mostly volunteering, I do quite a bit of that, and preparing to work at the job and such, but other then that I have been wrestling a lot of this stuff:
Obviously doesn't look like much in this picture, the one below you can tell what it is :D

It's luggage!! It is hand luggage to be exact, for visiting the Irish boyfriend. I am flying with Ryanair because I am skint, and they charge more for checking in a bag, and I am only going for 5 days so I wont need a HUGE amount of stuff. So I decided I would make a piece of hand luggage that near enough exactly matched the size specifications, it is going to be 54cm x 38cm x 20cm, so cutting it fine, but it will be nice to know that I will be able to take everything without squeezing stuff in. Not quite finished as you can see, I have to sew the top zippy bit in it, simultaneously sewing in the lining, I haven't done this yet because I need some stiff plastic to make the base all firm and give it some structure, but after a nice trip to B&Q or somewhere then it shall be done, not too bad for about 2 days cutting and sewing.
Next up will be a wash bag to put everything in, and maybe a little make up bag, that requires getting more oilcloth though. I will also be making some project bags when I get more oilcloth, not to take with me though as UK airports are not knitting friendly :(

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