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Thursday 15 October 2009


It certainly is, I have been up since 7am today, I know for a lot of people that isn't early, but I haven't been up at that time in a while, there is a reason though, I finally got a job :) it is only a temp position, but its back working for Waterstone's again, which I loved. It will also be nice to have a little more spending money, especially as I am finally going to be able to see the Irish Boyfriend next month and it will be nice to do that without worrying too much about limited funds.

Heading back towards knitting content. I recently joined a lovely group on Ravelry called the Random acts of kindness group, the idea is that you put up a wish list every month and if people can they will send you one of the things on your list, I think its a great idea and have already sewn up a project bag for a lovely Scottish lady, and I have also received a glittery crochet hook (which I don't have a picture of as it is supergluing, the postie broke it in half, but it should make a full recovery) and this very pretty sock yarn:

It's perfect for me, I love a bit of pink. It is hand dyed too so super cool, and the first ever sock yarn I've ever had, so I started winding it into a ball so I could make myself some socks, and this happened:
Not good. Basically a small tangle formed, in trying to sort the tangle the chair i had the skein over fell over and it turned into a BIG tangle (the photo is actually after several hours of untangling). So anyways, there is over 300m of really thin yarn in that tangle, it took me literally all day to sort out, so no socks yet. When I finally got the tangle nearly completely undone I discovered it had formed because some looks of fiber had formed around some threads, you know the ones I mean, that form when the fibers rub against each other too much and are just made of dense fuzz. so when I had separated them it got easier, but socks will have to wait until I have gotten over the trauma of untangling for a whole day.

So what else have i been up to in my last few days of unemployment? Well I finished my Haven scarf!
I thought I would have finished this sooner, but it got really heavy on the needles and my wrists have a tendency to keep clicking when they are strained and this kept happening, but it is done now, and I LOVE it! It is amazing, all soft and huge and chunky and should keep me super warm. Here I am wearing it :)
I am not sure I am going to block it, I thought I should but it is already huge and soft and I haven't a clue where I would put it to let it dry, though if I didn't pin it, because I don't need to change the shape, then I wonder whether I could let it dry folded in half? Maybe with a tube through the folded end so that it wont get a crease. Hmmm I shall have to look into it.
Now I am developing some chunky mittens to match, they are very in the development stage, previous to this I had done drawings, and now I'm onto swatching, so watch this space!

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