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Sunday 4 October 2009

Sew..a needle pulling thread.

That is what I look like right now because I stole my mum's sewing machine today and finally finished my red zippered project bag! Here it is:

I am so proud of myself! My sewing skills aren't amazing, I can hem things, and play around a bit but I always dodged textiles at school so things like zips and linings made me feel a bit nervy. Sewing the lining in wasn't very neat because by that time I had sort of had enough, and it was quite difficult, but oh my do I love that zipper foot!! My first attempt I had to hand backstitch the zip in because my machine wouldn't fit a zipper foot on it, but that thing made it so easy this time! Here is the lining, i think its quite neat considering it was my first time doing it.
And here it is with a project inside! This is the purple Bella's scarf I am knitting for my sister and it fits nicely with a full ball of yarn, circular needles, a cable needle and copy of the pattern and there is plenty of space for more bits and bobs, definitely the perfect size.

I got some blue polka dot oil cloth today, so I am hoping to make one in that too, maybe one large and one smaller one, and maybe a little notions pouch. Then I am not sure what i will do with the rest, because there's quite a lot of it, either a bag for all my sewing stuff or a small weekend bag for visiting the boyfriend.

Another thing I have finally finished is this little guy:

I finally managed to get some toy stuffing on friday and so it is nicely stuffed and ready for having pins stuck in it. I veered from the pattern a little bit and made the cake separate from the case as I am hoping to make little christmas puddings in this way, that I am going to stuff with sweets instead of stuffing, for little christmas presents.
I also didn't have the right size needles so mine is a bit bigger then it is supposed to be, and the case is made of wool not cotton. As you can see from the picture below I am also a bit rubbish at sewing it together, I shall hopefully improve on this before December!

I think Sunday shall be spent knitting more of my Haven scarf and reading this week, hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer then it has been today and I will be able to venture outside.
Enjoy your weekends people!

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