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Sunday 25 October 2009


One of the things that I have always avoided previous to now is charity, I always used "I am a student" or "I am unemployed" as a reason not to give what little money I had away, usually while walking to work with my treat of a starbucks coffee. Lately however, I suspect because I have been working hard volunteering at local institutions, charity has become something that I feel I should be doing. I am very lucky in that I have recently managed to get a job (even though it is part time and temporary and I wont get much money) and that currently I live with my parents and so have no major outgoings other then fixing my financial situation.

So where is all this going, well a couple of days ago I did a Ravelry group search and came across UK charity crafters. I have some acrylic sitting in my stash at the moment that was going to be the weave scarf I have previously talked about, well I decided that after having discovered the wonders of wool fiber I am probably never going to use that scarf if I ever finish it, and so last night it was frogged, and last night I started to knit it into a basic k3 p3 rib scarf. I have also just obtained permission to stop making the green stripy scarf for the Irish Boyfriend, I am going to make him a nice soft cowl anyways, and use the left over yarn to make more scarves!
Obviously this makes me feel quite good, karma and all that jazz, and it also gets it out of my stash (which has now progressed to taking over not only my knitting bag which is overflowing, but also a drawer) so I would like to encourage all the knitters out there who want to slim down their stash ready for christmas (I know there is yarn on my list to santa :) )to use anything you can bare to part with to knit up scarves for charity.
Mine will be going to the scarves for the refugees group here, after all with all the global warming stuff going on I am betting this winter is going to be a cold one, I am already ill, and thats when wearing my massive Haven scarf!

P.S. Hopefully over the next couple of days there will be a book recommendation and at the end of the week a library board update, it is children's activities on friday and they shall be making some cats for the halloween scene!!

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