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Friday 30 October 2009

Vintage Chic

Currently it is half term over here, and so my Mum, who works in a school, has been on holiday. Because I have recently secured myself a part time job (whoop!) I have been working all this week and today was my volunteering day at the library, so instead of spending the whole day there, after I had helped with kids halloween activities me and mum went to our local antique center. These are what I found.

Some lovely metal prettily coloured metallic shiny vintage knitting needles and an old knitting needle gauge. Normally I don't like metal needles, but who could resist these? They are really pretty, and as we all know from my swallow needle escapades, I love prettily coloured needles! The gauge is the old style sizes, e.g. 8 for 4mm, but i have a little card that converts those that I have to use for converting US sizing too, so I don't mind, it is nice to actually have a gauge as my knit pro needles are losing their numbers, so now I don't have to worry about using the wrong size!!
Before the trip over to Hemswell I spent my morning doing my voluntary work. As I said it was kids Halloween activities and they all had loads of fun, we read some cool stories and poems and had crispy cakes and juice and made fairy and dragon bookmarks.

The kids also started to colour in some cat's for the board, we are still waiting on some that have been taken home to be brought back in so it is still a little sparse, but I am really quite proud. Getting them involved in the board and the activities has had some of them coming in much more often then they normally would have.

As you can see form the piccies I have also put my RAK'd leather and skeleton leaves to good use as some foliage for the cats to lurk in and an owl and a couple of bats for the sky. I am really very grateful to the lovely people who donated them as keeping kids interested is really difficult and they enjoyed deciding where their cats would hide, up in the tree near the owl or on the ground. The rest of the leather and leaves are safely tucked into the filing cabinet with all the other kids stuff and shall be used in some more boards soon hopefully!!


  1. Hey, I just stumbled over your blog, and I'm completely over-excited that I found someone who has the same vintage knitting needles as me!!

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting! I shall pay you a return visit.
    They are such cool needles aren't they?! They make me smile when i use them, so pretty and shiny, knitting needles should be girly imho :)

  3. I agree!! I get quite annoyed when I don't have a pretty needle in the gauge I need and have to resort to boring grey ones!


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