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Sunday 15 January 2012

Top Pout: Natural Collection Rose Bud

I haven't written one of these in a while, a multitude of reasons for that really, mainly lighting and things, but I am hoping to keep up with them this year as I eventually want to profile all of my favourite lipsticks (i.e. most of my collection) on here so that I don't have to do a lipstick collection video!
So this is Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rosebud.

 For me this is one of those my lips but rather a lot better shades, it generally works well to make me look better put together and generally healthier. It is a deep enough pink to be bold, and doesn't have a dusky tone which would mute the colour, instead it manages to be both deep and bright, with a subtle gold shimmer which you can't really see on the lips but which adds a healthy shine and keeps the lips looking plump and pretty.

The formula is slightly glossy in a soft way as opposed to an in your face shine way, which also generally means that they are a little bit moisturising, though personally I would wear a lipbalm under them as over time they can dry the lips out a little. 

They make no claims to be long lasting, and I do find that if I want to maintain a solid colour on my lips I do need to touch them up every hour or so, or when I remember, but to be quite honest the next point means that I really don't care about that.

These bad boys are £2!! TWO POUNDS for a decent wearable lipstick in a range of lovely shades, some of which have shimmer some of which do not. It is really impressive that we can now find these items at these prices on the high street. The price also means that I can have these thrown in my bag and I don't care about if they get damaged, or if they melt next to the radiator, or if they get lost when I am rooting around for my purse. There is something to be said for a lipstick that you would miss if you lost it, but not for long because you can cheaply and easily replace it. I actually couldn't find a link on the Boots website, so I really hope they aren't discontinued, but they were definitely in my local store the other day.

Next time you walk past the Natural Collection display grab one for a swatch, it will be worth it!
:) xo



  1. I've always been wary of Natural Collection's products as they seem too cheap to be true! I apologise if I sound like a snob but if a product's overly cheap it makes me wonder if they are any good! This review has changed my perspective and I'm looking forward to checking them out when I head back to the UK! Thank you! xx

    1. I must be honest, I too am a bit of a cosmetics snob, as will become apparent when I have done all these posts (ahem, MAC, ahem) always have been, always will be, which is why I never discover the great high street products but hear about them from somewhere else. I am happy to be proven wrong on occasion though, and these are one of those times! I'm quite tempted to give the blushes a go too so maybe we will see a review :) xo


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