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Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great time last night ringing in the new year, and that everyone was safe.

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I thought a new challenge setting post for 2012 would be appropriate.

I clearly failed terribly at project 2011, though the beauty challenge became something else entirely and what was originally just going to be an attempt to use up all my old products became a new hobby, a new blog, and a venture into YouTube! It has certainly been exciting.

The reading and knitting challenges were not quite so successful, and ultimately I think it has been obvious that I decided to take on a huge challenge during a year where I already had far too much going on. I managed to read and review only 12 books for the entire year (though for some I reviewed the whole series), along with a couple I didn't get around to reviewing. I read a couple more library books, but I really did lose my reading mojo last year.
For 2012 I still hope to read and review 52 books, but I am not going to pressure myself, and I am going to include library books because books should be for enjoyment and if something fluffy from the library takes my fancy then I am not going to enjoy the books already on my shelf. So, hopefully I will manage to read a nice range of books over the next year and provide lots of reviews for you to read. I will have a post about using a filofax to keep record of those reviews soon too!

Knitting definitely got moved to the back burner in 2011, and I am just glad to have managed to finish my only remaining 2010 project in the last week. I really wanted that Marina Shawl finished before 2012 started, so look out for  a finished object report on that.
For 2012 I am hoping to finish the projects I currently have on the needles and possibly knit a few more. I would love to finish at least 12 items, and I don't want to buy any more yarn still as obviously my stash hasn't been reduced.

So, Project 2012 shall now be declared started, but I wont be setting myself any limits, they are more of a guideline :)

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