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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Top Pout: Clinique Black Honey


When I am deciding which of these posts to write next I have a list that I refer to and try to pick my favourites, and today I was going to post about Clinique Baby Baby. 
It occurred to me though that recently I have mentioned this lipstick several times, and as it is an autumn/winter shade on this particularly rainy day I should maybe post on this one instead! 
(Don't worry, Baby Baby will be featured once it warms up a bit)

I have been a fan of this shade from Clinique for a couple of years now and it becomes an immediate staple in my handbag as soon as the weather turns cold. 
I was initially introduced to it by Lisa Eldridge in her original plum lipstick video where she demonstrated several ways to use a deep lipstick (the new version of this video features a Tom Ford lipstick, but the original was Chanel Rouge Noir) and Lisa used Black Honey as an easier way to achieve the tinted/stained softer way to wear a deep shade than faffing about with lightly applying the deeper coloured Chanel. 
I saw it in the video and loved it, swatched it in store the next day bought it immediately and I haven't regretted it since.

Black Honey looks really quite scary in the tube, especially if you don't think about the fact that this is an almost lipstick. It applies like a gloss or a balm, really softly, and provides a beautiful healthy sheen while still providing a little bit of a deeper autumnal colour.

Because it is so sheer it doesn't require a mirror to reapply, and surprisingly lasts a reasonable amount of time. It lacks the slipperiness of a true gloss so it doesn't slip right off, but it does need to be topped up every couple of hours.

This past autumn Clinique released a limited edition set of eyeshadows and blusher to match this shade, and I am absolutely gutted that I missed out on the blusher, so if they re-release it I will be snapping one up. 
For now though I am content keeping my Almost Lipstick safe as I will always fall back on it during the colder months.

Currently it is priced at £16 and I picked up mine from Boots, but you can get this from any good Clinique Counter.

:) xo

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