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Tuesday 10 January 2012

A nook of one's own

It occurred to me the other day that while I have been talking about how I have been slowly getting myself back into both knitting and reading since last September I haven't really discussed how I am going about it. There is really one change that I have made which has helped the most so I thought a blog post about it might be interesting to you.

I am talking about my little nook. No I don't mean a Barnes and Noble E-reader, I mean a little space specially reserved for specific activities, in this case reading and knitting (though it sometimes becomes storage for cardigans and the like too).

Now I will apologise, because I have recently moved this, I rearranged my bedroom and have swapped which corner this chair is in, but I am using it in exactly the same way so I shall give you a little history.

I have had this chair since university (it was a cheap Ikea tub chair, cost around £35) and since moving back home it had lived on the landing, not a very reader friendly place to sit let me tell you. When I decided I needed to get back into reading I found initially that reading in bed simply didn't work for me any more, and neither does knitting there. My desk chair is incredibly uncomfortable for long lengths of time (which is why I am writing this in my nook actually) and so I decided I would squeeze my chair into my already crammed bedroom, and I managed to fit it in front of some bookcases, not entirely practical, but that's why it has now changed. 

I happily used the space to sit and get back into reading, and now that I am reading up a storm and knitting so fast my needles might catch alight my nook has also become just a general lounging spot. The cushion on the back of the chair actually becomes a foot rest, I don't keep it on the chair, and I have the blanket there not just to cover a massive coffee stain that my sister kindly added, but also for if it gets a bit chilly.
I use the chest of drawers to the left to keep stuff on, and a bookcase with my favourite crime books, and all the classics I aim to read is located to the right (though I may...and it kills me to say this...mess up my cataloging system and have that bookcase full of my to be read books, shock horror!) and I have space for a lamp and a mug of tea and my review record books. Where the chair is now located is also conveniently angled towards the new television I got for Christmas, perfect for when knitting! 

Really it is a very simple idea nominating a small space for a specific task, and we do it with so many other tasks which we do each day, desks are for working, vanities are for makeup, kitchens are for cooking. But taking the time to create a comfortable peaceful space where I can take some time for my hobbies has helped me to realise again just how much I love them, and I think everyone deserves a little nook of their own.

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  1. This is fantastic, am now planning a similar space where I can read the racing form in peace.


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