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Monday 2 December 2013

Treacle Moon Shower Gel


I think I have mentioned in the past that I struggle with soaps, I am allergic to a lot of synthetic scents and colours and get a rash if I use a wide range of products, I'm talking Johnson's baby all the way to Fairy liquid. When I find a nice scented shower gel that doesn't leave me with hives I get very excited, and when they are cheap as chips too? Well that just leaves me with a grin on my face.

A while ago I tried Treacle Moon's range of body scrubs, and had some success, no rash, nice scents and a decent amount of exfoliation for the price. After a bit of research I also discovered that they are very ethical about production and do not test on animals or use animal derivatives. Win! I was a bit reluctant to try the shower gels though because they lather, and typically lathering products produce more of a reaction for me, however I threw caution to the wind a while ago and picked up a couple of bottles of their bath and shower gels while they were on offer in Tesco.

They have a range of scents including some nice wintery ones such as Warm Cinnamon Nights, and a  ginger/gingerbread scent called One Ginger Morning. I was so tempted by these for the cold months ahead but I ended up plumping for the two above purely because I am a bit picky about the colours of shower gels (I know, its weird). As much as I wanted to grab the ginger one lime green just didn't work in my head so it stayed on the shelf and instead I went for a nice sweet Iced Strawberry Dream and the fairly autumnal warming That Vanilla Moment.

In the end I have actually been so glad that I grabbed these scents, they are lovely and fresh without being too cloyingly sweet. They help wake me up in the morning and still feel a bit like a treat even though they are cheap. I do find I have to use a fair bit of product each day to get a decent lather but the bottles on these are huge so it doesn't feel like a waste. I love the packaging design which reminds me of Philosphy's shower gels for a fraction of the cost, but I do have issues with shower space when one of these is in there so if you are severely limited for space this might be an issue for you, currently I don't mind sacrificing another product to make room.

For someone who used to shell out large sums on shower gel from The Body Shop because it didn't give me a rash I am glad to have found these gems. I imagine they will be staples for a while!

You can find all of Treacle Moon's products to buy at Tesco, currently the bath and shower gels have 1/3 off and are only £1.99 for 500ml!

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