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Sunday 15 December 2013

This Week

I thought I would try and do these summing up posts every so often that I have seen other bloggers do. Sometimes you just need to tell people how your week has been, so here we go! This week...
  • Mince pies consumed: 3 (I imagine this will be significantly higher next week!)
  • Last Sunday we celebrated a good friend's birthday at the pub with a great meal and even better chatter. Note to self, recreate the chicken stuffed with cranberry and brie!
  • The middle of the week has been really very stressful, at work we are all now officially at risk of redundancy, so it has been a week of paperwork, forms, meetings and the like, which isn't exactly fun in the run up to christmas, but has to be done. 
  • On the plus side, we had our work christmas do on Friday, which was fun, I really do love socialising with the ladies, after having a pretty difficult week emotionally going out for dinner with everyone really lifted my spirits.
  • I may have convinced a few people to head to Chatsworth with my last post, the power of a good photograph!
  • I spent this evening with family regaling over old stories and new and toasting to my Dad with some of the last cans of beer he bought. It was his last haul and it was nice to share it amongst ourselves while we all had a good belly laugh and tried to see the bright side of what will be a hard few weeks to come.
  • I finished wrapping the last christmas present I needed to on Thursday, and feel really proud of myself for being so organised. I have gone a little ribbon crazy but I think they all look pretty and I want to take pictures of them all before they get ripped open.

How has your week been?

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