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Wednesday 4 December 2013

The Book Buying Tag!

Recently Jennie from Sailor Jennie posted a blog post about the Book Buying Tag, which originates from YouTube, but I see no reason why we can't all post it on our blogs :)

I have talked about my buying habits before here and there but I still wanted to answer the tag myself, so without further ado!

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Where do you buy your books?

I buy them from a few places, if I am near independent book shops I head there, but generally I head to Waterstone's or a local W H Smith's if I am not in a city. I buy books online if they are a bit more specialist as where I am I cannot always just walk into a shop to get hold of items, and for those I always check The Book Depository first as they generally have the cheapest prices.

Do you ever pre-order books?

I have pre-ordered in the past, the last book I ordered though was the Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and I still haven't read it! So I don't pre-order as much now.

How many books do you buy a month?

This is completely contingent on where I go within the month. If I stay around my home and don't really go any further I could buy no books at all, or a couple from a local shop. If there have been a few new releases I want to get my hands on, or I have come across some rarer items I want to add to my collection I could have bought 10 on eBay alone! I try not to buy many any more though as I have so many.

Do you use your local library?

Of course, when I named this blog the librarian I wasn't kidding, I am a real life librarian and I work in a public library, I am probably one of the top ranking users for my library, I just can't resist taking them home!

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What do you think of library books?

I love them, but I have a very specific use for them, I borrow them, read them, and if I love the book I will buy my own copy, they are like a free try before you buy service for me. I know people who only ever read library books and do not have their own, and I think that is wonderful for them, and for me because that means they are using the library a lot, but I am the sort of person who if I can't get to sleep in the night I will know that a certain book may help me sleep, so I need my favourites on my shelves. (Weird, I know)

How do you feel about second hand/charity shop books?

I have mixed feelings about them, I like to purchase rare second hand books, though by rare I don't necessarily mean collectible, just ones that are no longer in print (certain covers etc). Although I think the idea of books in charity shops is great, I rarely find ones I want to buy because I often find them to be in terrible condition and I have even seen some where the shop has written the price in biro on the front cover! If I buy a book I am usually intending to keep it forever so I like to have decent copies that will stand multiple reads, I don't even use the buying throwaway reads theory for buying charity shop books because that is what the library is for in my reading life.

Do you keep your read and to be read books together?

I keep all of my books on one bookcase, or rather set of bookcases, which span the peaked wall of my bedroom, this picture below is a taller pitched version really, oh and I have a full wall not a wall with a door. I do separate out my TBR books by having them on the top row of shelves, though I don't know why as I am sure I could remember if I had read a book or not. I haven't got so many that I wouldn't know.
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Do you plan to read all the books you own?

Definitely, I really hope I live a long life so that I can read as many as possible!

How I picture retirement

What do you do with books you own that you know you won't re-read?

It is very rare for me to buy books that I won't re-read, but in the rare instance that this happens I keep them for a while, because I may re-read them after a few years and have a completely different experience. If I still don't get on with the book I would eventually donate it.

Have you ever donated books?

Yes, both to the library and to charity shops depending on the condition (libraries can only accept books in a good enough condition and within date for certain genres)

Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

No, it would never work for me, I rarely buy impulsively so I don't feel that I need to ban them. I would hate to miss out on a rare book just because I had imposed a ban upon myself, I would be kicking myself forever!

Do you think you own too many books?

Never, this picture below is how I imagine my personal library may look when I am in my seventies!

Now it's your turn!

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