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Monday 9 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for Book Lovers

So I am a little late to the party with this gift guide, but I still wanted to post one just in case any of you are stuck for ideas for fellow book lovers. Some of these items I already have, some of them I would love, I think they are all fab!


1. Book Rest Lamp - £31.99 from I Want One of Those
I first saw this a while ago online and decided that I have to have one, I am a sucker for just shoving my book on my bedside table when I go to sleep, without marking my page! This would at least remind me where I fell asleep (plus it looks like a little house, which is cute!)

2. Yes I'm Actually Reading This! Bookmark Pad - £3.29 from the Book Depository
I received these last year and they are very handy for when people like to get judge about which books you read, also great for jotting down notes while reading!

3. Scrabble Magnetic Fridge Tiles - £7.95 from I Want One of Those
Something I will definitely be purchasing as soon as I own a fridge, who wouldn't love making up words with Scrabble tiles?!

4. Book Rest Toilet Roll Holder - £25 from The Literary Gift Company
A strange one, but for a new home owner or generally someone who has a place to put this, I think this is a fab little item for the bathroom. I would keep an amusing book there for anyone to read while they were on the loo!

5. KleverCase E-reader cover - £32 from KleverCase
I have this exact case for my Kobo, the design pictures is a beautiful cover for To Kill a Mockingbird, and you can have these personalised with a note on the inside cover. A very special present indeed!

6. Out Of Print Book Cover Tee - £Various from Truffle Shuffle
I have been after one of these for so long! Recently I was pointed to Truffle Shuffle as a stockist but I still haven't got myself one. One day, one day!

7. Moleskine Book Journal - £9.71 from The Book Depository
I have a very battered one of these from last year which I loved using, I have now moved on to a Filofax because I read so much I want to be able to add more titles in, but for a moderate reader this is perfect for keeping a record of your book reviews.

8. The Really Tiny Book Light - £9.25 from Amazon (or most good bookstores)
I have a bright pink one of these and it is by far the best book light I have used, it has a white LED light which is nice and bright yet easy on the eyes. Certainly makes for less eye strain when reading in low light, and it comes with an adaptor for your ereader.

9. Librarian Badge - £3.95 from The Literary Gift Company (though I have seen these in Waterstone's too)
Now obviously this one is something I definitely want to get my hands on (and have considered purchasing from the actual library supplies place before) but anyone with a personal library would surely love to be deemed the librarian?

What are you buying the book lovers in your life this year?

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