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Sunday 14 March 2010

So swiftly...

Ok, so I have about 5 different posts I need to post, all nicely typed up and awaiting uploading, and I know I really should do things in the order that I actually made them but I really cannot wait to show you this one because I am SO PROUD of myself for making this!

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday sawing drilling and sanding and produced this amazing contraption:

I made myself a yarn swift!!
It only cost me about £7!! How amazing is that!
I was never one for manual labour and never really tried very hard in woodwork classes at school but I have always been someone who can do something if they think about it, and so, I did an internet search and found these instructions on how to make your own swift.
I did version one, and I love it, my only problem so far was finding a hex bolt the right size, so the one I got has a rounded end instead of a flat hex end (this is also the reason my base is slightly different from the one in the tutorial, I had to get creative with some spare dowel to make it still balanced and yet raised up enough to accommodate the lack of flat ended bolt)

I have yet to use it to actually wind anything, but I have put a few skeins of yarn on it just to give it a spin :D


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