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Sunday 21 March 2010

CrackSilk Addiction

I have heard of many knitters who have suffered from this terrible addiction, however, I was never informed of how quickly it can take hold!

These beauties all arrived during the past week, six balls in Jacob, four in Fondant, and two in cream.
Why all the Kidsilk Haze you say? Especially why so much when I still have 6 balls of Kidsilk Aura waiting to be knitted up?

Well they were reduced, by at least £2 each, most a bit more then that, which at over £7 a ball each normally was a bargain I couldn't pass up, especially when I have some projects in mind for them.
The six Balls of Jacob are going to be this:

This is the Effie sweater from my new Kim Hargreaves Precious book and I think it is simply gorgeous! I have some lovely smart trousers that it would look great with in the dark brown I bought.
This lovely little cardigan, Precious from the Heartfelt collection, is going to made from the Fondant colourway, it calls for beading also but I am not entirely sure I want to add beads, if I do they will be silver, I don't want too much pink! This is specifically being made to accompany a suit dress that I own and have no jacket for, but I think it will go nice with anything black or cream too.

The cream I don't have a picture of the pattern but it can be seen here on Ravelry, I intend to make the Anisette shawl. I came across this when I was looking at shawls that people who participate in the HPKCHC have made and I added it to my queue as soon as I saw it. It looks so delicate and beautiful, the sort of thing to cherish and keep for special occasions.

This is the Calm pattern from Kim Hargreaves' Heartfelt collection which I am going to e making from the Kidsilk Aura. I am going to hopefully cast this on next and will be knitting it in the round instead of straight and seaming. This will be my first sweater AND my first time changing a pattern from flat to round, so it should make for an adventure!!

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