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Monday 22 August 2011

Top Pout: Revlon Peach

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach (Spelt the american way, for searchability)
There was a totally hilarious pouting picture to accompany this post, but It was blurry, such a shame as it was hilarious!

Anyways, so.
Let me take you on a journey. There was a girl who last winter/spring decided she wanted to try a peach lipstick, she had a major search around for peach lippies, as she didn’t own any previous to this and tried very many. She purchased a few (which she still loves, just not as much as this), and still hadn’t quite found her perfect match. Then spotted this on one of the many blogs she followed, popped along to Superdrug and fell in love. Awww. 
Obviously, that was me! I think this may be my favourite peach/orange lipstick ever. Simple. 
At around £8 this is definitely the cheapest of the many peach lipsticks I tried, and the shade is definitely the most flattering for my skin tone. It makes me look lightly tanned and ‘finished’ when I’m not, and can take me from ‘bit of a mess really’ to ‘boho/beach chic’ with one swipe. I. LOVE. IT.

The problem? I cannot figure out how. Normally I can be like “oh yes that particular undertone there works wonders on this feature of my mug and makes me look fabby,” but this one, it doesn’t just makes me look good, it also makes me feel good which may help. There is something about Peach which makes me feel relaxed and chilled and happy and makes me want to pull funny faces at the camera and be miffed when they turn out blurry.
The formula of this lippy is also fab, nice and moisturising it is great for keeping lips soft and doesn’t dry them out. This does however mean that it falls into the melts and snaps easily category. In fact it did just that while I was swatching. Boooo! 
Anyways, bottom line, this is a fab summer lippy (and I shall be buying another one just in case Revlon decides to stop making them. I like to be prepared) and I cannot wait to see how it does over autumn/winter, the tone of the peach is just rusty enough that I think it will carry well through autumn. Fingers crossed!

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