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Thursday 25 August 2011


So I think i mentioned in my storage video that I wasn’t quite happy with how much everything is just shoved into some of the boxes I use for storage, and the other day when I was taking one of my mini breaks from doing work I broke out my hot glue gun and started making some dividers!

So I made 3, well I cut one and then cut two that slotted together. I made them from more notebook covers. It probably seems odd to use notebook covers but the plastic is just thick enough to stand up but not too thick to cut etc. They are actually stronger then the inserts I bought for my desk drawer.

This is the first one, I moved my blushers to one of the lidded boxes (which I removed the lid from) and popped my lip glosses, lip balms and lip stain/pencil shaped lipsticks into this bucket style box with two plastic dividers.

This is where I moved my blushers to, I just made a slotted divider, and glued it securely with the hot glue. I separated them all into powder blusher, bronzer, highlighters and then cream blushers. Let me tell you, it is so much easier to find what I want like this! There is more space for the products and although they were neat before I was separating them based on size rather then product. I also much prefer having removed the lid as I can now just grab things easily.

And here are the eye products, obviously here the letter stand separates in its own way but I still made a section for that so that if I took it out I would still have a designated space which I could use for something. At the moment though I haven’t room for the rack anywhere else so It is living in the box. I also love that I now have my pigments/glitter dusts separated out. They were always a pain to store because of their shape.
Needless to say my OCD side is much happier with things organised this way, and it was a good way to fill my break from doing uni work (I try to make sure I am away from the computer for those because I am getting serious headaches!) so I felt all productive and creative in a different way for a while.

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