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Sunday 6 December 2009

Click, click, click,

Have gone my needles today.

Here is a progress update, I am almost done with the third pattern repeat, 2 more and then I start the decreasing, I think I can probably finish it tomorrow night and then that is one present down! Only a hat for my grandma (pattern undecided, suggestions would be wonderful) and my sisters scarf and mittens which i have been working on for AGES!

Also today I have done some baking. I love baking, in particular I like to make this:

This is my Welly Fudge cake, I stole the recipe from my senior school cook years ago and it is still my fave comfort food, roast dinner followed by this lovely chocolatey saucey gooey gorgeous treat!
I also decided to get a little festive, I made green cupcakes,

With red and green icing,

The icing was supposed to look like this:
But i broke my piping bag, so I may just have to pop to lakeland and get myself a new set tomorrow after work.

If anyone is out there over the next few days, if I could have some suggestions for what to do with the skein of malabrigo worsted I got for my ex boyfriend that would be good, I don't want to knit it for him because it would take effort and he doesn't deserve it, but can't think of anything I could make for me from one skein. All suggestions very welcome.

Just a happy little image to send you off with, these are yummy :)


  1. If I were you, I'd eat each and every one of those cakes... They look delicious!

  2. A Malabrigo cowl would be wonderful and I'm sure there's plenty in one skein for that, I just used about half for a beanie hat.

    What sort of hat would your gran like? There's a butterfly hat beanie pattern that's very pretty. I can't post the url but if you search for butterfly hat in Ravelry you'll find it - that would also be a good use for your Malabrigo I think :)

  3. My mum said today i should make myself a hat as i keep getting earache from the cold, I have just gotten a blue duffle coat with red toggles though so i might make mine out of red, I really like the butterfly hat, my grandma has quite a small head so i think it would appear a bit more slouchy on her, and i might add some sequins for added specialness :) I am thinking silver or pale blue would sit nicely against the dark navy/graphite.

    p.s. most of the cakes have gone already!!


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