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Saturday 12 December 2009

Finished Hat!

Yes a finished object :) these don't come along very often in my knitting world, though I am trying to finish more things at the moment so I can tackle some of the other things I would like to knit. This one was delayed by almost a week because I forgot Harry Potter was out on DVD monday, and so my allotted time slot for finishing this was reassigned to watching that with a box of tissues and this had to be squeezed into gaps in my days since.
So, here I am wearing my Dad's hat as it looked about an hour ago, (the picture isn't properly focussed because I had to put it in no flash mode and I am not clever enough to figure out my sister's camera properly :P)

Of course it doesn't look like that right now, because my dad decided it needed one of these:
Apparently, a woolen hat is not a true woolen hat without a bobble, so he has a Koolhaas with a bobble!

So the factual roundup, Using a little thingy I am going to use from now on (and prob edit into existing FO's)

Pattern name: Koolhaas
Yarn Used: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 2 balls.
Problems: Because I am apt to confusing myself I got a bit panicked about decrease round number 2, I soon figured out how silly I had been though.
Modifications: I did the 5 pattern repeat version, and of course, the infamous Pom-Pom.
Skills learnt: Twisted knit stitches, knitting from a chart. I didn't get around to cabling without a needle.
Knit it again?: Possibly.
Score: 8/10, I feel very proud of this item, it makes me feel like I have graduated from beginners knitting.

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