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Saturday 12 December 2009

And in second place...

comes this post, because I have been up to planning knitting stuff and purchasing stuff and just have to share it!

My main purchase was these lovely things:
More Debbie Bliss, 'I just can't get enough' (The Saturdays is ringing in my ears) of this stuff, it was so nice for the Koolhaas hat that I decided it would be nice for my Grandma's hat too. After showing my cousin some patterns we went with Ysolda Teague's Ripley pattern, in the smaller cloche style. I went with grey because its nice and neutral and this grey has an almost silvery tone to it which I really like, and I am going to pop some pretty sequins on it in a flower pattern to spangle it up and make it really special.

While I was visiting the lovely Tricot to purchase that, I happened across something new they had in, this lovely ethical twist yarn. It was a bargain at under £5 for 240m and it is made with 85% organic wool and 15% baby alpaca and so is nice and squishy soft. It is another one that I just had to have and don't have any plans for yet, maybe a hat for myself or something similar would be appropriate.
My next two purchases are not of a knittingy nature, but they are fab, today I came across the Clarks sale and get this pair of wedges,
I have been eyeing up these wedge heels that Clarks have been doing for ages and have never managed to get a pair, so today i got these for half price! They are super comfy and flexible too, which makes a big change compared to my normal heeled shoes!

I also got what I actually went in for, these amazingly light and comfy slip ons. They really are so light you wouldn't believe it from looking at them because they have quite a thick sole.
My main pair of slip on shoes have started to show that they have been worn far too many times and so it was time for new comfy shoes for work, I haven't taken them off since I put them on for taking this picture! What do you think? I think they actually make my feet look not as big as shoes normally do (I have quite wide feet).

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