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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Yankee Candle Blissful Autumn

Although it has been autumn feeling for a month or so here in my little part of the world, and there have been the right colours on the trees and conkers to crunch under your shoes, there has been a lack of a chill wind to really make it feel like a British autumn until the past week or so.

We had those crazy gale force winds and all of a sudden those nice golden leaves were on the ground, and I couldn't resist instagraming this picture on my walk back to my car after work.

And all of a sudden this week it has been cold! Now I have to admit I usually feel the cold long before anyone else, but when my boyfriend says it is actually cold, you know the summer has definitely gone for the year.

yankeeTo keep myself feeling seasonal I have been burning this Yankee Candle in my room. Blissful Autumn is pretty much exactly what it says on the label. As soon as I take off the lid I can smell autumn ripe fruit and crisp cool winds along with the woody scent of fallen leaves.

As with all Yankee Candles the scent is quite strong and lingers for a long time, but this scent isn't cloying like some of the truly sweet ones, so it doesn't overpower you (it even passed the headache test). I only need to burn this for a short while and the scent lingers for hours which for me feels much more cost effective than buying a cheaper candle. I also always like to pick up the large jars as they get significantly longer burn times, they may be expensive, but they last forever!

I love candles, and this one is perfect for the time of year, it is peaceful, seasonally fresh and crisp, and makes me feel all toasty and warm.


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