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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Two C's

A couple of months ago, around my birthday, I made a trip to Lincoln with one brand on my mind. I had saved my birthday money and desperately needed some prescription sunglasses so I popped to the optician where I got my spectacles the year before intending to purchase a lovely pair of Chanel sunnies with bows on the sides.

I was disappointed. My optician has stopped stocking Chanel of all kinds (I had to check while trying not to hyperventilate that they would still be able to re-lens my specs, they can. Phew)

Needless to say that I was really rather disappointed by my Chanel-less trip to the opticians, and what do disappointed Chanel-less girls with a wad of birthday cash burning a hole in their handbags do? Why they nip into House of Fraser.


Not to be dissuaded I went home with two things I had been lusting after for a loooong time but which didn't really fit the impulse buy bill. Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in 20 and Powder blush in Rose Initial (I have been steadily using up all my foundations so that I could buy that one, it has taken me a year, and don't even get me started on that blush, I first saw someone using it on a bus when I was 16 and I may have drooled)

I had a lovely consultation, but I was yet again disappointed. I had heard of the oh so elusive Les Beiges, the lovely counter girl tried it on my skin and it felt amazing with the fancy kabuki brush and looked wonderful. I would treat myself I thought! Oh but of course it was not in stock. She would add me to the list, they were expecting some in August.

August isn't so long to wait I thought, and it could be a late present to myself! So I happily handed over my details and skipped from the store with my two long sought after products.

I waited, I checked every counter in Meadowhall when I visited at the end of July, I waited some more, August had been and gone.

And then two weeks ago I got a call from a withheld number. I considered just sending it to voicemail, at the time me and my mum were battling a hall wardrobe, it was an inopportune moment.

I'm glad I didn't!





Isn't it pretty!? I picked it up on my next trip into the city, and absolutely love it!

The brush is so soft and in no way, shape or form the sort of brush you would just throw away, the plastic protector cap will be staying firmly on during travel thank you very much, and the powder just sinks into my skin looking like it isn't there, but providing a nice light coverage which can be made fuller when paired over the top of my Vitalumiere aqua.

I haven't been using it long enough to say wether I think this is going to be a favourite of repurchasing status, but so far I really do love it. I am also tempted by the fancy kabuki brush, it was just so. damn. soft.

Have you tried Les Beiges?

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