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Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Librarian

Hello all!

Just in case you pop over here and notice it is a bit all over the place, I am in the middle of merging my two blogs together and setting up a new name and domain.

There are so many things I want to discuss on the net, and as I struggle to post in lots of separate areas I decided I am going to bring everything together under a new name and pretty much have my blog as just a bit of everything to do with me, so it will be called The Librarian.
As regular readers will know my training and profession is a big part of who I am, and my reading habits have made up a large part of the posts on this blog, so I feel I identify with the title a bit more under its new guise. Both Bamboo Needles and Ink Stains and The Cosmetics Library are tied to that profession, but they don't really identify themselves as such. For a while I have been looking to change the name of Bamboo Needles because I simply don't do as much knitting at the moment, and I sometimes think Ink Stains are a negative way to present the reading side of things, so I have felt this blog needed a more neutral name for a while, and the Cosmetics Library just isn't getting as much love as it should do, the shelves are definitely looking bare!

There will definitely still be reading updates, and when I get round to doing some, knitting and crafting, but also beauty and lifestyle stuff too here.

Already I have migrated all my posts from The Cosmetics Library over, so you will see those, they have a different colour scheme which currently will look out of place, but I am going to be changing the colour scheme for the new site as I go anyway.

Thanks for bearing with me while I do this, hopefully the redirect for the domain will be up and running soon, and this little blog of mine will officially be The Librarian and will be found at

This is very exciting for me, so I hope to see you there!

P.S. Normal posts will still be going up, don't worry, i'm on a roll with catching up on my reviews!

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