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Sunday 29 September 2013

Lazy Sunday: Autumn

It is officially autumn in my small part of the world, know how I know this?


Isn't that cute? I do love a pumpkin with a face.

Anyway, this past sunday it may have been autumn but I tell you it felt like summer. We had some really warm weather and decided to take advantage of it.

My other half has been trying to get me to go for more bike rides, and I have to admit once I am on them I do enjoy myself, I just have to be dragged away from my book in the first place.

We hopped on our bicycles and set off through the countryside. We had to stop to cross a field so I thought I would snap the view for you.


Those there are sugar beet fields, apparently a speciality of ours. I tried a nibble, it was indeed very sweet.

Eventually we got to our destination, a friend of ours invited us to pick apples from his tree. Check out the spoils.


I really enjoyed the ride even though it was a very long one for me (we usually only do little trips) and it is inspiring me to get a new bike. I have been looking at them for a while and have decided that a 'sit up and beg' dutch style would be more suited for me comfort wise. I have a very upright posture and leaning forward for the handle bars really hurts my neck and back.

I have been admiring these ones, number 3 is my absolute favourite.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

But I think actually I would like to get a vintage one second hand and repaint it so that it is the same shade of turquoise as the blog. It is my favourite shade, and these bikes are all very expensive and not quite perfect.

Did you have unusually hot weather last sunday? How did you spend the day?

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