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Thursday 13 February 2014

Valentine's Book Review: Wedding Night ★★★★


Seeing as it is almost Valentine's Day I thought a romantic book would be in order, and when you want a girly romance to whom else do you turn than to Sophie Kinsella?

The queen of writing witty stories about modern women, her novels always make you chuckle and have a good dose of romance to them. I thought her latest book, the hilarious Wedding Night, would be a good one to pick up if you are in need of a light fluffy valentines read, but don't worry if you're single, this is just as funny a read if you aren't loved up yourself.

Lottie is unmarried and impatient, so when her current boyfriend Richard fails to propose when she thought he would she throws caution to the wind and ends their relationship. Left single and miserable, when her old flame Ben reminds her of their pact to marry each other if they were both still single at thirty Lottie jumps at the chance to avoid all the hassle and go straight for the ceremony. When Lottie's older sister Fliss hears of her plans she knows they are disastrous and tries to step in and ruin Lottie and Ben's wedding night, and subsequently their honeymoon, it proves to be no easy task, it is however full of laughs!

Obviously, this is Sophie Kinsella, it isn't going to tax the brain or make you feel like your life is full of meaning by the end of it, but when all you want to read is something fun and flirty this is the ideal story. The characters are daft, the plot line is crazy stupid, but that is absolutely what makes this story so enjoyable to read. I love Sophie's writing as she adds in such witty one liners which I identify with completely, her writing is often how my brain thinks ("putting the sausage in the cupcake" anyone? I snorted my tea when I read that one!) which I think is part of what makes them such easy reading.

We all have funny moments like Fliss and Lottie, and reading from both of their perspectives adds to the humour. I have a little sister and I often identified with Fliss's frustrations, and I am sure Tonia would identify with Lottie's annoyance at her overbearing big sister. The male characters are equally as enjoyable to read, I absolutely loved Lorcan and his interactions with Fliss's son, he comes across as haughty but is such a softy deep down and is only after his friend's best interests, something we all want in a man. Richard though a bit stiff at first quickly becomes a heart melter, and you end up rooting for him and Lottie despite his lack of proposal.

Wedding Night is a standalone novel, and although I loved both the characters and how funny it was I am glad that this isn't going to be stretched out into a series, the idea for the novel is so perfectly encapsulated in this individual volume that to try and adapt the situation to a wider range of plots would stretch it too far.

So why not treat yourself to a valentine's gift of a girly romantic read?


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