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Sunday 9 February 2014

This Week


I catalogued two cook books worth of recipes. I am indexing them all in the old fashioned drawers James got me for christmas as at last count I had 47 cookbooks, and they are a nightmare to navigate.

I viewed the venue for an event James and his friends are planning for this summer, very exciting!

I hosted a very successful event for National Libraries Day about helping people to read on their gadgets. I feel quite proud of the queue I had at one point.

I rediscovered my love of peanut butter on crumpets for breakfast. Can't eat them too often though or I will resemble a beach ball!

I cooked a delicious gnocchi recipe from A Beautiful Mess. It was the first time I remember having gnocchi and I really enjoyed it, though next time I think I will add a lot more spice and a good helping of parmesan.

I Finished a wonderful book, which I can't wait to review.


I spent a huge amount of time in meetings for mortgages and viewing houses. They aren't kidding when they say this stuff is stressful, and cups of tea and paperwork are no fun so I took no pictures.

How was your week?

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