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Thursday 2 February 2012

January Empties


A few more products this month! Whoo! Still no makeup though, there is an item that will probably be in my february empties though (will be glad once that one is gone!)

So this months empties are a bit of a range, mainly skincare but most importantly there are some of my literal every day use items in here, which is what I wanted to do these empties posts for. I feel with my favourites that you only get a snap shot of the things i have been using just that month and it doesn't really tell you about the products I truly love.

Strawberry Shower Gel
£4 from The Body Shop

If you have been watching my videos/following me on twitter or reading this blog for a while you will know I have quite sensitive skin, even baby soap and fairy liquid gives me a rash.
 I often find it very difficult to find suitable body washes and especially ones which smell ncie and make my skin feel nice and moisturised, but The Body Shop's range of shower gels and creme's are some of the few out there that smell amazing and don't cause me any irritation. 
When I first started using these it was a bit of a pain because they were very expensive (£6 per 250ml bottle originally I think) and as a student I bought them and used them as a treat. Now though The Body Shop has dropped the price, and they have an offer where you can get 2, 3 or 4 bottles for reduced amounts, so I always grab the 4 bottles for £10 deal. I do change the scent and grab different ones for each of my four bottles, but I stick with the same formula.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner
RRP £2.99 from Boots

I have linked Boots above for this one, but it can generally be found cheaper int he supermarket as it is often on offer. This is an absolute every day staple for me, I know a lot of talk has been around saying that toner is basically useless and does nothing for the skin, and my boyfriend always makes a point of saying 'why are you cleaning your face again you've just done it', but I really can't skip my toning step. It might step from having been a Clinique user, and I am used to having that extra clean feeling after washing my face, or it might just be that I have been brainwashed into thinking I need it, but I always use a toner after I wash my face. 
I use this one in particular because it is first of all cheap, and also because it is non irritating. I don't really buy into the claims of added vitamins in the product, but it really is a gentle soothing cleanser that helps me to feel like I have got rid of all cleanser before slapping on my moisturiser, and that is all I need it to be so that is fine by me! 

Neom Organic Body lotion

Another sample this month, from the November Carmine Box.
I kinda sorta liked this body lotion, but the scent scared me, every single time i went to put it on my skin I worried I would react just because of the scent. It was very herbal, and in general just very strong. It sells itself as being packed with vitamins, shea butter and macadamia nut oil, but to me I didn't find it crazily moisturising, I was a little disappointed in that I have to admit. I found it to be moderately moisturising, not particularly luxurious feeling and if you removed the scent I would say it felt exactly the same as some of my other body lotions. I definitely wouldn't shell out for the full sized bottle, but if you were a fan of the scent I imagine it would be more appealing.

Sure Fragrance Collection Bright Anti-Perspirant

This is another one which you can probably find cheaper elsewhere, and usually I would be a bit dubious about mentioning deodorant, but I really liked this one so I saved it in my box.
It was part of a collection where they made the scents less deodorant like and more along the lines of a perfume, or a proper scent. There were adverts if i remember rightly and the scent of this one was very nice, not a complete departure from a deodorant scent, but nicer than the average. It still had the 48hour protection, but not the no white marks protection and I wear a lot of black for work so that was a little annoying. I would probably buy it again.

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser

The last sample this month, and I think I either finished it in December or even November but forgot to mention it so when I found the tube I thought I would shove it in here. 
I received this in one of my GlossyBox's and wasn't impressed when I got it, I wasn't impressed when I used it either as it is too intensive for my skin. It contains 0.5% salicylic acid and so I would only recommend you try it if you have acne, and only if your doctor has said that salicylic acid might help. On the plus side, Murad do sell smaller size tubes of this (the one pictures is a 30ml sample, which is around £5 on the website) so if you did want to give it a try you can do so without shelling out nearly £30!

So there are my January empties! I hope you found it useful, I am really looking forward to talking about a couple of the items that I think will be in next months empties, as I really don't like them, and will be so glad to get them out of my collection!!

:) xo

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