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Monday 21 June 2010

Sunshine and Rainbows.

The weather outside today is beautiful!

So I have a few new things to show you today, the first is obviously the website, do you like it?
I actually gave up on what has been a few months of trying to find a theme on the internet that I liked and just went ahead and drew my own and then scanned it in. I wanted something clean and slightly traditional which is kind of what I am all about, so I used my own handwriting (which I have been told looks like a Grandmother's) and drew a little needle and got my ink pen out to make a splat. I really like it, I think it suits a lot better then any of the other things I have found.
I also discovered the advent of the 'Pages' feature on blogspot, and have written a little about me, have an archive page, and a contact form for if you need to shoot me an email. I imagine I shall add a page specifically for images to do with my shop when I get that up and running too!

In regards to pointy sticks this fine Monday, I am knitting the heel flap on my second Hermione sock, I had set myself the challenge of finishing the sock this weekend, but I got some crazy rash thing on my hands from the heat and I have like hives all over my fingers so it hurt too much to knit and I had to stop, but I hope to have it finished and nicely modeled soon.

A couple of weeks ago I got this great yarn from 3AM enchantments, which I briefly mentioned in my last post, and I have a picture of it, though it isn't a great one, the yarn is black but with subtle waves of green and blue when you hold it in the light. It is lovely and soft and I can't wait to knit it up into a shawl. I got this at half price because the effect is technically a mistake, the yarn was over-dyed, I however really like it! I shall take a picture when I am knitting it up to hopefully get a better idea of the colour.

One of the other things I got the other week is these two books:

They are great! The Ultimate Sewing Bible, to match my knitting one is my ultimate go-to when I am not sure how to do something. Printing by hand has been very handy lately with tips on fabric printing and the different methods you can use. It has been invaluable over the past week while I have been printing.

Speaking of printing, I have some sample images for two more prints from my 'Wonderland' collection.
First we have the White Rabbit,

Second we have Alice.
These are joining the Drink Me cut from my last post and then I have two more prints to cut, The Hatter and Painting The Roses Red. I am hoping to have them cut and have some fabric printed for those by the end of the week, and then hopefully I will have some bags all made up and ready to go! I am also looking at making other things, such as a knitting file with space to put info about all your projects and things, but I think before I branch out into stationary I will be starting on my 'Little red' collection, featuring, of course, Little Red Riding Hood! I can't say enough how much I am enjoying all this, it feels so great to be being so productive and really using my hands to make things in a way that I haven't done in years.

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  1. I love the look of your Blog:) That is the sort of thing I am after...if only I could come up with theme that covers
    Great Blog


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