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Monday 9 November 2009

Finished :)

So, the charity scarf? It isn't a scarf any more. It is a neck warmer, a finished neck warmer! With buttons!

I just finished it today, knitting in the buttonholes and adding the buttons I picked up from Boyes (only 30p each for solid wood, I thought that was pretty good).

Here is a close up of buttons and button holes, this is the first time I had ever knit a buttonhole before and it was surprisingly easy, I did choose the easiest option in my book, a horizontal buttonhole over two rows, but it was really simple to negotiate and to understand the reasoning behind it, which is something important to my curious nature. I think the buttons are quite neutral, they were the most neutral wooden ones they had, all the others had carving of some sort on which I thought was a bit too gender specific. It is nice to have finished something knowing that it will benefit someone else who really really needs it!
I am about to cast on another one but this time vertical rib with no buttons, just knit in the round. I am going to make my commuting knitting so I can hopefully get a couple done, I have found another group that needs winter knitted items on Ravelry, it is called Knitting for the homeless and so I am hoping to knit up a lot of my acrylic and split the neck warmer's between the two groups, need to get a move on though as I am going away for a few days soon (the Dublin trip) and wont be able to take any knitting with me because of airports and things.

Speaking of the Dublin trip, I whipped this up last night

I have called him Whaley and he is a little toy for John's kitten Monty to play with, Monty is lacking some fun toys and so I am hoping this will make him like me :)

Here is Monty just for you to go "Awwwww" at, because he is such a cutie!!
(excuse the quality, it was taken on IB's phone)

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