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Saturday 2 August 2014

This Week #3


Wow what a scorcher this week has been! It is a shame it isn't forcast to carry on through the weekend as we have a VW event going on, but it has been a lovely week for just living in the moment.
  • I baked some pretty damn good cakes for the charity bring and buy cake stall at Elsham Hall VW Collective this weekend, and I managed to resist temptation and haven't eaten any.
  • Also made a pretty snazzy salad to accompany homemade burgers for tea. It had watermelon in it, my first foray into fruit in a salad beyond a classic Waldorf, and it was delicious.
  • It was our regular VW meet on wednesday, and by a stroke of luck I was already very close to the venue due to something for work, so I had a couple of hours to spare to wander on the beach for the first time ages. It was so peaceful and relaxing as the summer holiday crowd were packing up and leaving. I climbed a breaker and just enjoyed the view.
  • James's dad had a birthday this week and it was good to pop round and just catch up. His mum also had some very important info for us that could lead to some exciting news in a couple of weeks time. 
  • Katie, the cocker spaniel I pooch sat the other week, has decided I am her human, and the other dogs aren't allowed a look in. She was full on defending me from Max who is about three times her size the other day and she just looked so proud, they never fail to make me smile with how cute they are.

How has your week been? Did you get to enjoy the weather?

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