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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Blogger Love Tag

When Jennie posted her response to this tag last month I knew I wanted to post my own responses. Blogging is all about sharing the love and feeling inspired, I know I am sadly lacking in that department, I try to comment on blogs as much as possible but I often feel like I fall short so it is time for me to share a few of my favourite blogs.

What was the first blog you came across?

I honestly haven't a clue for this one, it was probably a knitting blog, as they are my first real memory of regularly reading blogs, but I probably came across other blogs long before those.

Favourite blog?

Currently I would go with Sailboat, which is a delicate blend of bunnies, beauty and lifestyle all written by the lovely Jennie, possibly the most down to earth and realistic blogger I have come across, she isn't afraid to tell you about the negatives in life as well as the wonderful things. 

Best blogging friend?

I find this a bit of a weird question because I wouldn't say I have blogging "friends" I find writing reviews to be quite insular, although I do enjoy commenting on other peoples blogs I am not sure they would be classed as friends yet.

Name a blog that enables your purchases

Absolutely without a doubt Bee from Vivatramp (and The Finer Things Club), I can guarantee that for every series of mini book reviews she does at least one of those books ends up on my shelves. Every. Time.

Five blogs everyone should be reading

1. Cider with Rosie - for the little things in life
2. A Beautiful mess - for great DIY inspiration
3. Honey Rose - for wholesome crafting
4. Ghostparties - for the best beauty advice for fair skin
5. Sunny Sweet Pea - for a bit of everything

What is your favourite way to read blogs?

I know lots of people love Bloglovin, but I find it awkward to use, especially as I generally read on my phone. I use Feedly to collate my feeds and Reeder on my iPhone and iPad to read them on the go. I save my favourite items to my Reading List or to Pocket if I want to remember individual posts.

Bloggers that inspire you

Cider with Rosie inspires me to enjoy the small things on a weekly basis, I love her 10 things posts. 

Favourite blog design/look

I really love designs that are quite neutral with a pop of colour but look very relaxed when it comes to reading other lifestyle blogs, they feel homely. My own is obviously quite clean and minimalist but that is supposed to be reflective of structure.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Honestly the creative outlet. For a long time my job hasn't offered opportunities for creative thinking and developing ideas and projects, and I crave the ability to say what I want to say about the world. Although that aspect of my working life is going to be changing soon I think it is still important to have a little space that is all your own where you can share your own opinions and that is pretty much what this space is for me.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future?

There are a couple I would love to see cookbooks from (Smitten Kitchen, Cider with Rosie), but Vanilla Bean needs to release one stat!

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