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Sunday 26 January 2014

This Week

I thought I would share some snapshots of my week today. I am becoming more and more snap happy since I invested in a new camera, and that makes me feel all proud of myself. My memory isn't the best so pictures make me feel a little more secure in the knowledge that I will remember things actually happening.


1. I have been waking up really early lately, enough to laze around in bed for ages and still go for a run and get home to see sunrise.

2. He always looks worried, but here he almost looks like he's being accommodating of my picture taking!

3. I ate several healthy meals this week but gave up on Friday, it has been a stressful week!

4. Accidentally bought new boots for work from Clarks, they are oh so comfy!

5. Little Sis was 21 on Thursday without us, she is coming home today for celebrations though, and I am a little excited to see her open her present, I think I done good this year! :)

6. Testing my camera skills on the frost the other morning.

7. I made a HUGE batch of Ultimate Swedish Meatballs for tea from The Londoner's recipe, they were delicious!

8. Also made the wonderful Cider With Rosie's Pomegranate salad this week, not once, but twice! I can't get enough of it :)

9. I can't go to Bill's but I can cook it at home.

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