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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Aston Martin Owners Club at Snetterton

A couple of weekends ago me and my boyfriend went for a jolly day out at the Aston Martin Owners club session at Snetterton Race Circuit in Norfolk. Now don't get the wrong end of the stick, we don't own an Aston, we just know people who do, and we like to go along for the Vrooms.


We hopped in the weekend car and zoomed through the county with me pointing out library locations as we went and popped across the border. I hope I don't offend anyone when I say, I found some of the place names in Norfolk to be very amusing! It sort of made me wish I had a funnier address.

When we got there we parked up and had a bit of a gander at some of the testing that was taking place, and just managed to catch a friend of ours taking his motor for a spin.



We had a nosey around the fine specimens in the car park


Then had a wander over to see this little green Morris Minor, which was being raced by a friend,


The event wasn't all Aston Martins, it had a bit of everything, including a range of old and new cars.


We saw lots of speedy driving, some cars going onto three wheels around the bends (though I think they all had extra "stabilisers" underneath)


Lots of close shaves and wheel spin dust,


And even witnessed a couple of spins off the track like this one I proudly captured on the camera.

  SnettertonSpin on Make A Gif

The grub was expensive but really quite good. I had a delicious broccoli pasta bake in the cafe, and sipped on copious amounts of water and maybe a pint of lime and soda as it was really a very warm day when in the sunshine.

If you have never been to a race circuit before, be warned even if it is very warm, there is little shelter so you will get wind burn, my face felt very tight by the time we got in the car to go home, and was even a little pink.


I went with layers for clothing, and wore a vest top, a t-shirt, a hoodie by David and Goliath and then my Barbour body warmer, and took them off/put them back on as and when needed.
Jeans were a go to for this day out and I made sure they were of the thicker variety with my trusty Topshop Baxter's, I saw a few women shivering in leggings!
Long hair girls, you will need a hair tie!
Comfy shoes are also a must obviously, so I went with my fairly new but sort of bedded in Neon Pink Converses. They did the job but in poorer weather a boot would have been better, the day involved a lot of walking around to different viewing points.
Sunglasses are also highly recommended, there tends to be a lot of glare off the track and squinting just gives you wrinkles.
Note the bottle of Yazoo Milkshake is optional, I went with strawberry.

We ended the day by watching a friend race from the Pit wall, which I unfortunately couldn't take pictures of as the marshall told us off, and said it was signposted (I read all those signs before I got the camera out, they didn't mention cameras) I was a bit mad about it, but I didn't let it spoil the experience.

For my first race day I had a lot of fun. I have always wondered what it is like to hear the cars in person and it is quite loud, but not so much so that you need ear plugs. I have a love for vintage cars, so they were more to my taste than the new ones, but it gave a variety for all watchers.
If you ever get the change to go to a club racing day, I highly recommend it!

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